Wed, Feb. 26

Christmas wish for the Verde Valley

Here’s a Christmas wish for the coming year:

The soon-to-be appointed new District 3 Yavapai College board member will be a change agent and not buy into the us-against-them politics that have poisoned Prescott-Verde Valley relationships.

That Yavapai College officials in Prescott will not paint everyone from the Verde Valley with the same brush. There are many of us who view the Verde Valley political strategies employed over the past few years as counter-productive.

Much success for new Cottonwood Mayor Tim Elinski and the “new-look” Cottonwood City Council.

Ditto to new District 3 Yavapai County Supervisor Randy Garrison and new Cottonwood-Oak Creek Superintendent Steve King.

Four lanes – with or without roundabouts – all the way from Cottonwood to Interstate 17 on Arizona 260.

Some finality and closure to the controversy over Thunder Valley Rally. Find a way to appease the merchants in Old Town, find a new location for the event, or do away with it altogether. But please quit having the same old fight every year.

Either the Town of Jerome or the Jerome Historical Society needs to make sure the Sliding Jail does not crumble into a pile of nothing. This debate is much like Thunder Valley Rally. Quit arguing over it and do something.

Cool, clear water flowing in abundance every day of the year up in Jerome.

A little common sense and transparency from Camp Verde town officials over the community’s thriving marijuana industry.

Economic development of Clarkdale’s historic smelter area.

Some original ideas on economic development ... can someone please come up with something that is not tied to the wine industry?

A plan, with money to back it up, and a firm timetable for completion, to solve the problem of Uptown Sedona weekend traffic gridlock.

Affordable rental housing for the entire Verde Valley.

A pot of gold, a lucky star, pearls of wisdom and a 10-cent cigar.

Merry Christmas.

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