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"Indications are that there will be general activity in the Cherry Creek District this coming year. Several new companies are being organized among the best mining men of the State. Capital is being interested in California, Ohio, Chicago and other places east."

"J. H. Tribby, who is one of the oldest of the mine owners in that district, has turned over 4 of his properties, the Evening Star, Climax, Three Metals and the Shipper, to a combination of men residing in Pasadena, Calif., the deal having been consummated through Dr. W. A. Crawford, of that city. The 4 properties are well developed showing high grade gold and copper ore. Judge D. E. Parks, of Prescott, and associates, own the Logan mine which is in the same camp."

"In the same district, the Jerome Conger Mining company, which is officered mostly by Prescott business men, has acquired the old Conger mine. Henry Suder is president, R. T. Belcher, secretary, and W. H. Hoover, treasurer. Rudolph Baehr, of Phoenix, is vice president. The company is to be financed by Ohio people. The ore is gold and copper."

"One of the best developed properties in the Cherry district is owned by the Verde Inspiration Company of which E. H. Meek is president, and A. L. Hammond is secretary, both of Prescott. There are several parallel veins traversing the properties which have been extensively developed."

"Like most of the big properties in that camp, the surface of the veins are strong in gold values, which are rich enough to pay well. The Etta mine is an example of what can be done with the mines of the district, it having produced over half a million dollars in gold by amalgamation. As depth is attained on the veins, the gold values have turned into good grade chalcopyrite copper ore."

"In the case of the Verde Inspiration mine, several deep shafts have been sunk on different portions of the veins. The 20-ton stamp mill has handled successfully all the ore that has been mined. The plan is to increase the capacity of the stamps and to install complete concentration and cyanide equipment. There are about 20,000 tons of oxidized gold ore blocked out and there is much more ground that has not been developed that will carry this same quality of gold ore. The ore that has been milled will average about $15.00 a ton in gold."

"Already, in the deepest workings, this gold ore has begun to turn into the characteristic chalcopyrite copper ore, which will cause the company to add the flotation process to the mill methods. This is already planned for."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; December 19, 1917; page 3.)

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