Fri, July 19

Jordahl selected as Clarkdale prosecutor

CLARKDALE – Dec. 13, Town Council approved a Professional Services Agreement between the Town of Clarkdale and Mikkel Jordahl, P.C. for prosecuting attorney and related services, with an initial contract term that is retroactive to Dec. 1, and a monthly compensation of $3,405 per month.

Clarkdale requires the services of an attorney to advise and represent the town and its police department in various criminal and occasional civil proceedings in the Magistrate Court.

The town’s current contract with Boyle, Pecharich, Cline, Whittington, & Stallings, PLLC, is structured under an hourly billing rate format, which leads to unpredictable fluctuations in costs for the service.

Jordahl currently provides prosecution services for the City of Cottonwood.

Tobacco Talk

Town Council passed a resolution declaring the “Smoking and Sale of Tobacco Products Code” as public record Dec. 13. Council also passed an ordinance that made changes to the town code by repealing conflicting ordinances, providing for severability and providing penalties. At lengthy discussion was the Tobacco 21 initiative. The motions were carried with the caveat that all references to Tobacco 21 be removed.

--Where smoking is not regulated

Smoking is prohibited in all public places and places of employment within the state of Arizona, except the following:

Private residences, except when used as a license child care, adult day care, or health care facility

Hotel and motel rooms that are rented to guests and are designated as smoking rooms; provided, however that not more than 50 percent of rooms rented to guests in a hotel or motel are so designated.

Retail tobacco store that are physically separated so that smoke from retail tobacco stores does not infiltrate into areas where smoking is prohibited under the provisions of the section

Veterans and fraternal clubs when they are not open to the general public.

Smoking when associated with a religious ceremony practiced pursuant to the American Indian religious freedom act of 1978.

Outdoor patios so long as tobacco smoke does not enter areas where smoking is prohibited through entrances, windows, ventilation systems or other means.

A theatric performance upon a state or in the coursed a film or television production if the smoking is part of the performance or production.

Appointments to Regional Organizations

Dehnert moved to reappoint all representatives and alternates to all agencies being considered Dec. 13.

Curt Bohall is the representative for Cottonwood Area Transit/Verde Valley Transportation Planning Organization. He is also a representative on the Transportation Sub-Committee of the Northern Arizona Council of Governments. Dehnert is NACOG’s representative, with Bill Regner as the alternate.

Scott Buckley is the representative of Northern Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, and Bill Regner and Public Works Director Wayne Debrosky are alternates

Water Allocations

Dec. 13, Council approved NAMWUA’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) recommendation to the NAMWUA Board to proceed with a request for Technical Consultant Services for the evaluation of Non-Indian Agricultural (NIA) Priority Central Arizona Project (CAP) Water Allocations.


In 2004, Congress enacted the Arizona Water Settlements Act. One aspect of the agreement between the U.S., the state of Arizona, and the Central Arizona Water Conservation District was the creation of a pool of 96,295 acre feet per year of NIS Priority CAP water which would be made available for reallocation to Non-Indian municipal and industrial entities.

Under this agreement, the Arizona Water Resource Department would conduct the reallocation process and make its recommendations to the US Bureau of Reclamation and CAWCD, who would then enter into the sub-contracting process.

ADWR conducted the first phase of the reallocation process in 2013 where 34,629 acre feet of NIA priority water was reallocated.

The NAMWUA TAC prepared a project outline for the proposed scope of work for a consulting services contract regarding the evaluation of the 2021 NIA CAP allocation. The projected cost to the Town of Clarkdale would be around $900.

Wastewater Rate Increase

A public hearing was held Dec. 13 at the Clarkdale Town Council meeting regarding the increase in wastewater rates for the Wastewater Treatment Plant operation and maintenance.

The proposed wastewater rate increase of $1 is to cover operation and maintenance, additional electric and chemical costs, and for the operation of the new wastewater treatment plant.

Council approved the resolution, and the new rates will become effective Jan. 13, 2017.

With the amended wastewater user rate, the residential rate with the $1 increase will equal a $54 per month total base rate. The commercial rate with the $1 increase also will equal a $54 per month total base rate, plus a usage fee of $2.25 per one thousand gallons of water in excess of 5,000 gallons per month.

River Runner Capacities for Verde River

Council approved a modification Dec. 13 to the capacity of outfitters for the 2017 season on the Verde River at Clarkdale which now adjusts the maximum guided trip size to 16 people per trip, excluding guides.

The agenda stated that staff felt that the capacity limits established by the Town Council in 2016 are generally sufficient to address the goal to maintain quality experiences for visitors and residents to recreate at the Verde River at Clarkdale, while protecting, preserving, and restoring the Verde River and its habitat.

The recommendation comes as a result of several instances in the last year of trips that needed special waivers for up to 16 customers per trip, the agenda continued. While staff has the administrative authority to grant these requests they feel the 16 customer limit is justified and better aligns with permit requirements of one guide for every eight customers.