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Verde Heritage 1905: VERDE NEWS

Jerome had 15 inches of snow on the ground before Christmas.

JEROME SIDEWALK: "A petition is being circulated to the city council for repairing the sidewalk between the Methodist Church and the County Road. This sidewalk is in bad condition, and should be put in good order."

"PREPARING A CHRISTMAS TREE: There will be a Christmas tree in the Methodist Church on Saturday evening, December 23, for the children of the Sunday school. Outside parties will be at liberty to place presents upon it, if they wish. A fine musical program is being prepared."

"PAY DAY STIMULATES TRADE: The saloon men and other merchants did a good business Saturday and yesterday as a result of pay day. Jerome would be a very lively town if only we had more pay days."

"BRINGS IN FINE APPLES: R. R. Willard, of Oak Creek, was in town yesterday with a fine load of apples from his ranch. He gives a good report from his neighborhood. The roads have dried up since the recent rain and are in better condition." [Rudolph "Dolph" R. Willard came to the Verde Valley with his brothers on June 1, 1879. After living near what became Bridgeport, his family moved to Lower Oak Creek near Page Springs.]

"VISITING FRIENDS: E. V. Dickinson and family, who formerly owned the store at Cottonwood, but now of Long Beach, California, are visiting in the valley with friends and relatives." [The family of Samuel Cotton Dickinson came to the Verde Valley during August of 1875. After settling on Lower Oak Creek, where he farmed, planted a vineyard and made wine, Samuel C. Dickinson became the Cornville Postmaster. Later, the family moved to Cottonwood, where Edward V. Dickinson was the Cottonwood Postmaster from January 18, 1904, until August 4, 1905, when Frank Dickinson became the Cottonwood Postmaster.]

"LEASE A FARM: Frank Shalley and Arthur Nichols have leased the farm of W. W. Nichols in the Verde Valley. Mr. Nichols will retire from farming for a time." [The family of William "Bill" W. Nichols delivered milk and butter to the miners in the area later named Jerome, and then operated dairy businesses. Their farm was on the east side of the Verde River.]

"SOLD HIS RANCH: Peter Strahan has sold his fine ranch in the valley to J. M. Goodwin." [David Strahan, age 29, born in Illinois, and Peter W. Strahan, age 23, born in Texas, are #163 and #164 on the 1875 Great Register of Yavapai County. P. W. Strahan had 40 acres of cultivated land along the "Reservation Ditch" with 20 acres planted in alfalfa. (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; October 4, 1899.)]

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; December 20, 1905; page 8; "DECEMBER 18.")

"MINISTER RETURNS: The many friends of the Rev. H. G. Miller will be pleased to know that he will soon become one of our number. Mr. Miller occupied the Congregational pulpit for 2 years, and his departure was regretted by many. He will preach in the Congregational Church on Sunday morning, January 7."

"WOMEN ARE BARRED: A woman whose name we did not learn was arrested by Officer Charles King for unlawfully entering a saloon. She will have a hearing later."

"STONE WALLS COLLAPSE: The stone wall of the residence of Jerome Hoover has caved since the last rain, taking part of the front porch foundation with it. The new wall which was built last winter in front of the residence of G. W. Hull, has also gone down."

"NEW LODGING HOUSE: The old Ward house has been sold to Frank Dezolt, owner of the Paris saloon. This house has 20 rooms, and is quite central. Mr. Dezolt is having it thoroughly renovated. All the rooms are being painted, and it will be furnished throughout with new carpets and furniture, and painted on the outside. When finished it will be known as The Dezolt House."

"TOO MUCH WATER: Mrs. M. C. Packard, of Sycamore, is in Jerome today, and gives a good report from that district. At the property of Knutson and Stover, they are working night and day to overcome an accumulation of water in the shaft, and have succeeded in getting as far as the drift."

"SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS: Jerome is being treated to another rain, and it will, no doubt, end in a full snow storm for Christmas."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; December 27, 1905; page 7; "DECEMBER 20.")

"FIFTEEN INCHES OF SNOW: Jerome was visited by a fine snow storm Wednesday night, which began about 4:30 o'clock, and lasted throughout the night. At this time we have about 15 inches and a prospect of more. At the stone quarry about 3 miles distant over 20 inches fell up to noon, and it is still storming hard. This will add greatly to the pleasures of the school boys during their Christmas vacations."

"SMASH OF CROCKERY: A sad accident happened yesterday morning to one of Jerome's society ladies. While gazing out of the window at the beautiful snow she accidently stepped back into the dishpan, which was sitting on the floor, with an accumulation of choice china therein. A large portion was broken in fine pieces."

"BACK FROM PRESCOTT: Charles King and Fred Hawkins [law enforcement], Louis Issoglio, and Judge St. James have arrived here from Prescott."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; December 27, 1905; page 7; "DECEMBER 22.")

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