Wed, Jan. 22

2016 successes for VOCA

Earl Svenningsen

Earl Svenningsen

The New Year has started and a new fiscal year starts also. With the ending of 2016, VOCA finds its self in very good financial shape. We separate the Oakcreek Country Club operational accounting from the HOA finances, because the golf operations are a stand-alone entity, although wholly owned by the Village of Oakcreek Association.

Without going into great detail, the golf operation had a nice profit, and going into December, was $70,000 better than our budget projections. Thanks go to Bill Czekai, our General Manager of Golf Operations, for being a fiscally responsible steward and still delivering a first-class, finely manicured golf course.

Golf Advisor rated Oakcreek Country Club 9th in the US and Canada for overall satisfaction for our golf course and customer service. This is the second year in a row that we ranked in the top 10.

The Homeowners Association functioned smoothly and efficiently due to the leadership of Deb Brewer, our Community Property Manager. She heads a staff overseeing the duties and responsibilities associated with over 2,300 properties in VOCA.

One big capital improvement project accomplished in 2016 was the renovation and reconstruction of the foundation of our tennis courts. Other than normal minor maintenance, we expect to have a first-class playing surface that should last over 20 years.

We striped one court for multiple-use for both tennis and pickleball. Pickleball has proven to be very popular. Although a VOCA owned facility, the tennis and pickleball courts are open to everyone.

Court memberships for either tennis or pickleball can be obtained by signing up at the VOCA offices. A VOCA resident for a single Court Membership is $150 and a family is $200 for the year.

Non-VOCA residents are charged $200 for a single and $250 for a family. If you have questions about these memberships or would like to know the daily fees for using the courts, please write to us at or call 928-284-1820.

An Elections Committee was formed at last month’s monthly VOCA Board meeting. Jan Lisowski heads it. Eligibility to serve on the Board requires that you are an Arizona resident and a resident and member in good standing of the Village of Oakcreek Association. If you are interest in serving on the Board for a three-year commitment, please contact Jan Lisowski at, or call the VOCA office at 928 284-1820 and Jan will contact you.

From the VOCA family, we wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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