Sun, Dec. 08

Your help needed to open doors to improved post-secondary education

Wake up, Village/Big Park neighbors -- do you know that part of your Yavapai County property taxes are funding post-secondary education in the Verde Valley? Even if you don’t own property, you pay these taxes indirectly through your rent.

So what benefits are you receiving for these taxes? While Yavapai College is the primary recipient of these taxes, those of us in the northeast quadrant of the Verde may not be able to access these classes, either in person or online. What prevents us from doing so? Lack of transportation and mostly poor to none at all internet access.

This impacts all of us, directly and indirectly: students wanting to further their education, working adults wanting to improve their job skills, employers seeking workers with the right skills and retired seniors wanting to enrich their lives with further knowledge and skills.

What can you do to help change things? One of the outcomes of the Verde Valley Forum on “The Future of Post-Secondary Education in the Verde” ( was to “provide improved access to physical learning facilities.” The committee working on this goal needs YOUR help to gather data and move forward with concrete plans.

We need two to three attendees from each of the following groups for a meeting to explore some of the barriers they encounter, such as transportation, schedules, computer/internet access.

The groups we want to work with are: 1) middle/HS students, 2) recent high school graduates, 3) young working families, 4) older working adults (empty nesters) and 5) retirees seeking enrichment or non-credit courses. This meeting will include information and resources for area employment opportunities.

What should you do next? Can you/your business donate a space/food for this meeting (projection capability would be desirable)? Can you be one of the attendees from one of the target groups? If so, please contact Carolyn Fisher at or contact the Verde Valley Forum at

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