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When the United Verde Copper Company was incorporated, James A. Macdonald was President and Eugene Jerome was secretary and treasurer. Frederick F. Thomas was appointed by the Board of Directors to be the Superintendent and Manager and was authorized to purchase the furnace, water pipe, coke and supplies, build a wagon road to the mines and operate the property generally as the accredited agent. After spending 3 months in New York, F. F. Thomas left on March 23, 1883, on the long journey back to Arizona Territory.

According to a statement made by Frederick F. Thomas, "I proposed that we call the townsite I had previously surveyed after Eugene Jerome."

Through his old friend and schoolmate R. A. Elmer, second assistant postmaster general, Frederick F. Thomas said he had the first post office established and the first mail route started to the camp.

("Statement of F. F. Thomas;" Jerome News; Saturday, February 8, 1908; The Verde Independent; "Real Discoverers of the United Verde Mine;" February 8 and 9, 2013.)

The JEROME POST OFFICE was established on September 10, 1883, with Frederick F. Thomas as the postmaster.

Some people have asked, "Did Eugene Jerome ever visit the place named to honor him?"


"A Worcester excursion car arrived in Peach Springs this morning, bringing a party of eastern capitalists, who will visit the Grand Canyon. It is through Governor Tritle's influence they are in Arizona, and they will visit the mines of Yavapai County, where most of the party at present are. Among the gentlemen are Lawrence R. Jerome, E. F. Searles, John Travers, M. R. Schuyler, and W. B. Murray. The car will not return to Ash Fork to receive the balance of the party until Monday next, when they will proceed to California." (The Arizona Champion; January 19, 1884; p. 3.)

LETTER dated January 21, 1884, from Frederick F. Thomas, of Jerome, to James A. Macdonald, President of the United Verde Copper Company in New York City, reports that Jerome, Murray and party have left Jerome, Arizona. (F. F. Thomas, Letterbook.)

San Francisco: "The party came on the Worcester excursion car and consists of the following persons: James Gamble, Lawrence Jerome, Eugene Jerome, William B. Murrey, Lieutenant Leonard Chenevy and M. Roosevelt Schuyler of New York; Edward F. Searles of Massachusetts, John Travers and A. Stanard Wood of New York, and Mrs. General Crook of Fort Whipple, A. T." (San Francisco Chronicle; Fri., January 25, 1884.)

"On Monday evening the excursion car 'Jerome Marble' returned from Monterey with a party of Eastern tourists on board. Among the party were James Gamble, well known as an old resident of Oakland, and the former manager of the Western Union Telegraph Company, and Eugene Jerome of New York. These gentlemen hold large interests in the American Cable Railway Company of New York City, and visit San Francisco for the purpose of observing the working of its cable roads, having in view the inauguration of a similar system of transit in new York." (Oakland Tribune; Wed., January 30, 1884.)

"Gov. Tritle and Hon. Hugo Richards have returned home after feasting their eyes on the United Verde Co.'s mines." (Prescott Weekly Courier; February 2, 1884; p. 3.)

"EASTERN CAPITALISTS IN THE WEST: San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 4. --- James Gamble, General Manager of the National Cable Railway Company, Lawrence R. Jerome, and other Eastern capitalists, who came here to examine the street railway cable system in operation in this city, will leave here to-morrow in their special car 'Jerome Marble.' They say they convinced themselves of the superiority of the San Francisco cable system, which will now be generally adopted in the East." (The New York Times; Tue., February 5, 1884.)

"Fresno, Feb. 6. --- The following is a list of south bound passengers passing here to-day: ... In special car: Eugene M. Jerome, Wm. B. Murrey, W. R. Schuyler, John Travers, Jas. Gamble, Mrs. Gen. Crook, Harry Jerome and wife, Miss Lon Dearborn, Miss J. Sullivan, Jerome Marble, Lawrence R. Jerome." (Los Angeles Herald; Fri., February 8, 1884.)

"The party of New York gentlemen and ladies, who arrived in the city yesterday in the special car 'Jerome Marble,' went to San Gabriel and the Sierra Madre Villa yesterday. These gentlemen have been examining the United Verde Copper Company and other mines in Yavapai County, Arizona. They are well known on this Coast and Messrs. Travers and Jerome are among the leading stock operators of the United States. In their visit they combine business with pleasure." (Los Angeles Herald; Sat., February 9, 1884.)

"The eastern members of the Verde Company passed through Flagstaff on Sunday last, coming from Jerome, where they have been inspecting their copper property. They were traveling in a special car." (Arizona Champion; February 16, 1884; p. 3.)

Las Vegas, New Mexico: "A very lively party of New York capitalists, occupying the palace car 'Jerome Marble,' stopped at the depot long enough to take breakfast yesterday morning. They have been on a long tour, and are well supplied with luxuries and are having a royal good time. The roll call of the party is as follows: L. R. Jerome, E. M. Jerome, James Gamble, W. R. Travers, Duncan Wood and R. Schuyler." (Las Vegas Daily Gazette; Las Vegas, New Mexico; Tue., February 12, 1884; p. 4.)

Newspaper clippings and information provided by Robert Spude.