Fri, April 10

Be Fit Fit! It did not happen overnite!

OK, so, you are growing inpatient because, despite the New Year's resolution, your weight seems not to bulge down much. Worry not, the weight gain did not happen overnight. It took you months and years, plus this past November and December (jointly and joyously referred to as "the Holiday Season"), to arrive at the starting line of this year's resolutions.

Average American gains several pounds over the Holidays Apart from overindulgence at various end-of-the-year parties, with family, friends and coworkers, many of us also run out of time to exercise. So, sensing the general lack of vigilance, the end-of-the-year pounds jumped on the occasion to land in our so-called "muffin tops".

Therefore, here we are, with our muffins of various sizes, worrying about the current state of affairs. Let's be patient, by the same giving ourselves a chance to succeed at our weight loss plot. Approach the challenge step by step and from different angles: be it the "clean" nutrition and eating, drinking lots of water, feeling satiated in a healthy way at all times, exercising and remembering to stretch and walk around a little every 45 minutes while at the computer.

Most likely, it will take us months or even up to a year to get where we really want to be. Especially if we aim at losing the weight in a healthy way, which will result in a change of habits and no yo-yo effect. Changing habits takes time, lots of time.

So, trust me, you will get there, but slowly. You know, I like very much the following quote: "If you think you cannot, you cannot, if you think you can, you can"! I believe in you.

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