Sun, July 21

SR260 4-lane highway widening on track

The State Transportation Board meets Friday in San Luis near Yuma. The board is taking another step in launching the 4-lane reconstruction of SR 260 between Thousand Trails and the I-17 Interstate in Camp Verde.

Scheduled at Friday's meeting, the board will be asked to acquire necessary rights of way to "accommodate the design change and facilitate construction of the Thousand Trails Road to I-17 Junction project and for the installation of roundabout and other improvements."

The alignment remains the same, with the addition of fixed roundabout intersections.

ADOT Director John Halikowski is asking the board to "establish the existing county, town and city roadways into the state highway system as a controlled access state highway."

In campaigning for completion of the four-lane improvements, affected jurisdictions signed their agreement to the controlled highway provision. Completion of the project was originally stalled when Camp Verde could not sign off on that stipulation.

During a meeting in the City of Maricopa in December, the State Transportation Board added another $526,000 to the $4 million dollar design budget for the 4-land SR 260 expansion project.

"There is a need to add scope items left off of the original scope for the designer," according to the explanation to the board. "Traffic control sequencing and Temporary Roadway Design are necessary due to the multiple phases of work including several traffic shifts through seven roundabouts during construction."

The $4,526,000 design contract is to be advertised beginning March 16.

The reconstruction is budgeted for 2016.