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Verde Heritage -- 1906: JEROME AND VICINITY, January


"The year 1905 did not do as much for Jerome as expected, in the way of developing mining enterprises other than the United Verde though the last few weeks of the year witnessed renewed activity which it is sincerely believed is the beginning of large things for the present year."

"More has probably been achieved at the Cleopatra during the last year than on any other property and according to the 'Jerome News' a smelter will be running there before warm weather returns. That paper says:"

"'Last week the new smelter ordered last September in San Francisco by President G. W. Hull of the Cleopatra Copper Company arrived at Jerome Junction and during the past week was transferred to the U. V. & P. railway, brought to Jerome, and is now on the ground of the Cleopatra company, and will be put in place just as soon as the grading for the foundation, which has been going on for some time, is completed. Mr. Hull informs the 'News' that he expects to blow in the smelter during the latter part of March and continue a steady output from that time,'"

"'The smelter has a capacity of 50 tons, and is a thoroughly modern and up-to-date plant, new in every part. A look over the Cleopatra property will convince the visitor that when once in commission, there will be no trouble in taking ore from that mine to keep the smelter running. At the present time in the Winningham tunnel and drifts therefrom, there are hundreds of tons of high grade ore stored ready to be taken to the smelter when it is ready to receive it.'"

"Other properties on which there is present activity and great hope for the future are the Black Hills and Pittsburg Jerome and the Hickey property. The diamond drill is to be used extensively also in exploration work and it is said arrangements are made for their use on the Verde Extension, Equator Hill, the Verde Chief and possibly 2 or 3 others, while the Harryhousen mine is already equipped with a diamond drill. Concerning the United Verde the 'Jerome News' says:"

"'The United Verde smelter closed down Thursday for a few days in order to make necessary repairs and for a general clean-up and tightening up of screws and nuts, after one of the most successful 3 months' runs in the history of the plant, either under Superintendent Taylor or any of his predecessors.'"

"'At the United Verde works a furnace is being put up with which it is proposed to smelt the raw ores without the use of coke. The furnace is said to be successfully handling ores similar to those taken from the United Verde mine in other districts. The success of the furnace means that the heavy expense of roasting the Jerome ores will be saved to the producing company.'"

"'Superintendent Taylor of the United Verde smelter, who went to Los Angeles last week to consult a specialist about his injured limb, had no sooner landed in the City of Angels than he was recalled by a telegram on account of trouble with one of the large furnaces. When he returned it was frozen up tight.'"

(Bisbee Daily Review; January 19, 1906; page 5, column 2.)

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