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Meet Cottonwood City Council candidate Deb Althouse

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Debra Althouse

Age: 47

Years in Arizona/Verde Valley: We moved to Arizona in 2007 from Southern California. We bought a house in Cottonwood in 2008 and split our time between Cottonwood and Phoenix knowing Cottonwood would eventually be our home. We have been living in Cottonwood full-time for about two years and have sold the Phoenix home. I have been a registered voter in Cottonwood since 2010.

Occupation: IT Manager at Optum Technology, a division of United Health Care. I started my career in the health care industry when I was 20 years old and have loved it ever since.

Education: Master's in Public Administration with a Bachelor's in Sociology from California State University.

Elective and Advisory Experience: I gained some of my advisory experience as a Lead on the Employee Engagement Team for three consecutive years and being the go-to person for my team and peers. I am also the Elected State Treasurer for Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona (MMA), and the Secretary for the MMA Verde Valley District.

Civic Affiliations: VFW Post 7400 Auxiliary, American Legion Post 25 Auxiliary, American Legion Post 25 Legion Riders, Modified Motorcycle Association (MMA) of Arizona and the Verde Valley District.

Verde Independent: What was your incentive for running for this position; are there things you want to change?

Althouse: I hope to help Cottonwood continue to grow and prosper into a thriving but still small town. I believe that periodically bringing in new City officials helps in increasing the pool of ideas and new perspectives to help Cottonwood continue to grow and be a great place to live, work and play.

Verde Independent: Who are your constituents?

Althouse: My constituents are all Veterans and all those currently serving in US Military or who have family serving, Motorcyclist and those concerned about motorcycle rights and safety, Friends of Verde Valley Humane Society or any animal loving person, Cottonwood residents who care about the future of our City.

Verde Independent: What are your strengths that can benefit the council?

Althouse: I stand for what I believe in and speak my mind. I want to build a strong relationship with Cottonwood residents and I will work and vote in their best interest. Our local businesses and business owners need support to prosper and we need to continue to highlight Old Town Cottonwood as a destination and a place for small businesses to thrive. I love our Verde River and all it has to offer. I hope to help in preserving and protecting the river as part of my service to the city.

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