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Letter: 'Those who give up their personal freedoms for the sake of safety, deserve neither'


In response to the letter written by Bob Burke in Sunday's edition of your paper, Sunday, July 10, regarding the AK47 rifle, there were a number of falsies he presented to your readers.

Mr. Burke failed to mention that there has been a ban on automatic weapons in this nation for over seventy years. Owning such a fully automatic weapon (which continually fires when the trigger is pressed) is a felony, which constitutes a lengthy prison term. The AK47s sold in this nation are what are termed as semi-automatic weapons, they only fire when pressure on the trigger and will not discharge another bullet until after the trigger is released and receives pressure again.

What most individual conceive as an assault weapon, and the anti-gun crowd would like them to believe, is that due to the cosmetic appearance of the rifle it is fully automatic. Nothing is further from the truth. The AK47, and other weapon with the cosmetic design of military rifles, have the same working mechanics as the semi-automatic hunting and targeting rifles used by sportsmen and firearm enthusiast. They are all gas operated and work identically, when fired.

The banning of firearms is definitely a violation of our Nation's Constitution. Condoning such bans, will only open up a black market for weapons being sold to felons or those with mayhem on their minds - - alcohol prohibition did not work in the 1920, it just enriched the mob mentalities and the lawless.

The problem with the concepts of those supporters of gun-control is that they blame the weapon and not the individual creating the problems.

We have a nation with all kinds of problems: broken homes, lacking adolescent guidance, educational facilities that do not emphasize good character traits and lack the true teachings of what this nation should be and how the freedoms we know came about (history). During the past two or three decades, a good many of our former youth have reached their adult years in the state of existing non-reality and confusion - - the reason we see the riots in the streets and individual bent on bringing mayhem and murder to the forefront of our society and the continue climb in suicide rates.

Over the past few weeks, we've had a number of law-enforcement officers, both state and nationally, encourage law-abiding and firearm trained citizens to arm themselves.

Most of the firearm massacres that have taken place recently, and over the past three decades, have been in "gun free zones" - - which should be referred to as "killing zones."

Individuals with mayhem or murder on their minds know they would be taken down before they maimed or killed if there were armed conceal carry firearm owners on the premises and will avoid such places.

"Those who give up their personal freedoms for the sake of safety, deserve neither." - - Ben Franklin

Ron Parker


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