Wed, July 17

Meet Congressional Dist. 1 candidate Gary L. Kiehne

Gary L. Kiehne

Gary L. Kiehne

Gary L. Kiehne

Age: 60

Years in Arizona: 30

Occupation: Businessman

Education: BS/Agriculture

Elective and Advisory Experience: N/A

Civic Affiliations: Member of Chamber of Commerce, NRA, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,

Question 1: Federal law that created Arizona and gave it 10 million acres of federal land to support schools, college and universities requires they "shall forever remain under the exclusive control" of the state. Do you believe that the passing of Proposition 123 is in the spirit of that law? Please explain.

Answer: I believe the state of Arizona, and not the federal government should have control over our lands. The Enabling Act signed at the time Arizona became a state allowed for the federal government to hold lands "in trust", and was not intended to permanently possess and manage them with autonomy.

In recent years, funding for our school systems have dramatically decreased as the federal government has steadily decreased PILT payments to the state.

Though Prop 123 addresses the funding issue, the heart of the problem is returning federally managed lands back to the state. Indeed, allowing for critical revenue to return to our local school districts.

Question 2: From terrorism, to tolerance, and the Second Amendment, the recent tragedy in Orlando hit on several sensitive issues we face each day. Which concerns do your constituents regularly bring to you - and what are you able to say to them?

Answer: We must secure our southern border. The failure of the current administration to recognize the real national security issue that exists through our porous border is astounding. Protecting our homeland by securing the border and stopping the influx of refugees from nations associated with radical terrorism is a public policy issue that stems the partisan spectrum. Time and time again, we are hearing concerns from all types of voters who are truly concerned about the ramifications for our great state and district that sit on or are close to the border itself. It's time to get serious. Enough with the tough talk from career politicians and legitimate action, and I'm committed to fighting for true border security.

Indeed, this is extended by way of my Constitutional commitment to protect and defend the Second Amendment. As a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the NRA, I am steadfast in my pledge to always protect our right to keep and bear arms.

 Question 3:  To some people, the Affordable Healthcare Act is far from affordable. Despite that, there are those who say it is necessary, and that the bugs will eventually be worked out. What do you think is the solution, for your communities, the state and for the country?

Answer: Contrary to the rhetoric we've grown used to from the Obama Administration to the extreme liberal wing of the Democrat party, jobs and the economy is the driving issue in our First Congressional District. We are in the midst of one of the slowest "recoveries" of our time, and here at home we're still at an estimate of 10-percent unemployment in our First District. This has to change, and it starts by supporting the kind of good public policy reforms that will allow small businesses to get back to what is critical for the financial health of our district, and that's create jobs.

ObamaCare, the new overtime rules from the Justice Department, and countless other top down, big federal government overreach regulations are crippling our Arizona economy.

As a small business owner, I can tell you first hand ObamaCare has been a tremendous hurdle for employers to overcome. There are solutions, and it starts by creating competition in the health care market and enacting portability that will allow for insurance companies to sell across state lines, and improving access for all Americans.