Wed, July 17

Verde Heritage -- 1908: Jerome Verde to Resume Work

"Active operations on the properties of the Jerome Verde Copper Company in the Verde mining district, formerly known as the Verde Queen group, will be resumed today. W. M. Wilson, who has been awarded the contract for retimbering the shaft, left here yesterday for Jerome with a force of timbermen and miners to commence work at once. James Tregarthen and C. A. French will leave for the company's camp this morning to commence the work of installing the new hoist and air compressor plant. Tregarthen will assist in the placing of the machinery and French will have charge of the foundation work and setting of the two boilers. The shaft is 485 feet deep and Contractor Wilson expects to have it retimbered to the water level, 420 feet down, in 30 days. The management expects to have the new machinery ready for operation at that time when the unwatering of the shaft will be commenced."

"No definite plan of development has been announced by the directors but it is known that the company is financed for the largest scheme of development ever attempted in the Verde district, with the single exception of the United Verde mines."

"The company's holdings, comprising 28 claims, are located southeast and adjoining the United Verde Copper Company's properties. Part of the town of Jerome is situated on the ground, which relieves the concern of the cost of erecting many camp buildings for the accommodation of its employees, who can have hotel accommodations in the town at reasonable rates."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; July 1, 1908; page 3; from Friday's Daily.)

The Verde Queen smelter had been running steadily, turning out tons of copper during 1900. (See: The Verde Independent; "Verde Heritage Blog: 1900: Verde Queen Smelter, October;" October 16, 2014.)