Mon, Jan. 27

Letter: Is it too much to ask for a little peace and quiet


I enjoy freedom and exhilaration of motorbike ride as much as next rider, but many motorbikes are just to loud to ride in or near residential areas.

People need refuge from noise and our homes are our principal sanctuary from the clamor in life. Who is not sensitive to the increasingly noisy world we live in?

More than a few obviously judging by the noisy motorbikes and trucks many roar around in.

Chronic noise has been shown through scientific studies to be detrimental to health and well-being. Most of us are indifferent or afraid to speak out, yet a minority do speak out against the degradation in their quality of life by excessive noise and those who cause it.

Noise offenders have little to control their disturbances as ticketing for noise disturbances are rare indeed. Noise has become so commonplace in American communities as to be tolerated as just part of daily life.

Within law enforcement itself many enjoy operating loud motorbikes/trucks and are mostly unsympathetic to residents who complain about loud motor vehicles.

Noise complainers are viewed as a nuisance part of law enforcement unless it is the police person's family being disturbed. Certain motorbike brands are considered icons within American culture.

Charitable events such as "Toys for Tots" and remembrance rides for veterans convey the sense of fraternity and caring about welfare of others, yet if well-meaning participants in beneficial activities are also creating noise disturbances within their own communities, then their is a double-edged sword in operation.

There are no easy solutions to the issues of increasing noise levels within our communities. Towns everywhere are awash with vehicles that would never pass a road side dB noise test as specified within county code, but seldom are these noise ordinance codes enforced.

Should performance tuning and exhaust system modifications that thwart emission and noise regulations be unchallenged and unenforced?

Those who do this illegal modifying should be held accountable be they individuals or businesses providing this service.

Small particulate diesel emissions have been linked to an increased risk of cancer especially in children, those with compromised immune systems and the elderly.

As community officials, law enforcement and residents continue their apathy concerning noise and exhaust emission control, our communities continue their downward trajectory where quality of life matters less than the uninhibited activities of the irresponsible and insensitive who debase our health and peace of mind. 

Bryan Geoffrey


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