Tue, Oct. 22

Election 2016 Q&A: US Senate Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward

Age: 47

Years in Arizona: 17

Occupation: Family doctor

Education: BS, Psychology, Duke University, D.O., West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, MPH, A.T. Still School of Health Management

Elective and advisory experience: Arizona State Senator, 2013-2015

Civic Affiliations: Rotary International, Various Republican clubs

Question 1: What are the three biggest differences between you and your opponents?

Ward: I am the only Republican who can win in November because people want a citizen servant in the Senate, not another career politician. I'll serve only two terms. I'll be a conservative champion for Arizona's future. Ronald Reagan said Republicans win by raising up 'a banner, not of pale pastels, but of bright, bold colors.' I'm the only candidate with a 100% pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Constitution voting record. As a military wife, mother of three, and family physician I will be a different kind of Senator. My medical background gives me unique expertise and credibility that professional politicians cannot match on the most important issues we face such as fighting for a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to overturn Roe v. Wade, repealing Obamacare and fighting for patient-empowering, free-market medicine, and finally fixing the VA health system.

Question 2: Are there issues in which the Verde Valley has not been represented in Washington, and if so, how would you deal with them?

Ward: Not only does illegal immigration cost Arizona $2.6 billion a year for education, healthcare, and jails, it also makes Arizona families increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Just last November, FBI officials briefed the Phoenix Police Department on increasing terror threats facing the region. Phoenix is a "hotbed" of terrorist activity with "very active" communication and "lots of chatter on the airwaves" where ISIS is "recruiting high school age students." The most important battleground in the War on Terror is the Arizona border. I am the only candidate who will work with Senator Cruz to sponsor Donald Trump's Build the Wall Act. It's time to mix the mortar to fix the border and protect Arizona families.

Question 3: Will you support your party's nominee for president?

Ward: I am fully supporting the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. If elected, my first bill will be his Build the Wall Act, which I will work with other conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz to pass. It's time to mix the mortar to fix the border.

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