Tue, July 23

Cowboys and Gangsters: Stories of an Untamed Southwest

Even after World War I had ended, the region of Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas stubbornly refused to be tamed. It was still a place where frontier gunfights still broke out at an alarming rate.

Utilizing official records, newspaper accounts, and oral histories, Cowboys and Gangsters tells the story of the untamed "Wild West" of the Prohibition-era of the 1920s and early 1930s and introduces a rogues' gallery of sixgun-packing western gunfighters and lawmen.

Told through the lens of the accounts of a handful of Texas Rangers and Federal Agents, this book covers a unique and action-packed era in American history. It's a story that connects the horse and saddle days of the Old West, with the high-octane decade of the Roaring Twenties.

Samuel K. Dolan is a documentary writer, director and Emmy Award winning Producer. Growing up in Northern Arizona, he got his start in film and television at age 13, riding horses in feature films and TV shows. Since 2004, he has produced dozens of programs for History Channel, Military Channel and National Geographic.

He served as a series writer and story producer on History Channel's "Battle 360" about WWII aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. Dolan wrote episodes of a follow-up series "Patton 360" as well as numerous military and history themed programs for History Channel, Military and Discovery's 3Net. In 2008, Dolan was the recipient of an Emmy Award for his work as producer on History Channel's A Distant Shore: African-Americans of D-day.

In 2010, Dolan helped developed a series for National Geographic called "Navajo Cops" and for two years he led a camera team on patrol with the Navajo Tribal police, writing four episodes of that seven-part series. He has also appeared as an on camera expert in numerous segments for the History Channel and more recently the Military Channel (now known as AHC).

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 4-year old son.