Sun, March 29

Be Fit Fit! You have an upper paw!

So, you have been diagnosed with a big one. It might be diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, dementia or a prolapsing bladder.

Please remember that you have the disease, but it does not have you. You are in charge here and can steer yourself on the path to at least a relative comfort, functionality and well-being.

In my daily practice, I meet many people who come in and, at first, seem quite resigned to their respective diagnoses. They explain me what is wrong with them and what medication they take for the condition. They mention which movements they are NOT supposed to do, and most of the times when I ask why, they are not sure - the doctor told them so. For example, lots and lots of people are, apparently, told not to squat. So, my question in answer to that is: "So, how do you sit on the toilet?". For this or that reason, they are or feel they are prohibited from doing quite a lot of daily, functional movements. Most of them are prescribed pills, as per standard protocol to address the given condition. No one discusses with them the WHYs: Why did I get this disease? Why am I prescribed this particular medication and why no one speaks with me about any alternative approach? What can I do to, perhaps, get better by addressing it at its origin, instead of relying for the rest of my li fe on prescription drugs?

The prolapsing bladders are held by a mesh and other devices and no one asks the question, WHY are they prolapsing? Is it, perhaps, due to the weak pelvic floor? Can anything be done to strengthen that area rather than rely on the supporting rings of increasing sizes?

This leads them to a situation when, at one point or another, they realize that they cannot and do not want to live like this anymore and they come to see me or other wellness specialists for some alternative solutions.

How do I personally look at each and every case? I see the client with their set of conditions and ask many intake questions to be sure how they ended up suffering from what bothers them at present. In the case of the above-mentioned prolapsing organs, it can be a result of multiple pregnancies or weak pelvic floor due to an abdominal surgery. From my point of view, inserting a supportive mesh might help hold things in place, but it does not address the origin of the problem. The client is in discomfort, especially while seated, the doctor keeps inserting larger and larger supporting devices in order to keep things together. a catch 22. What about approaching it from another point of view: that of strengthening the pelvic floor, of rebalancing it? If we build a nice muscle in the pelvic floor, that floor is going to do the job it is designed by nature to do and it will start holding the bladder and other organs in place. It will take our pelvis and other abdominal muscles mon ths, but, eventually, they will strengthen and we will be able to sit straight without any soft cushion under our booty and in a relative comfort. We will be stronger and able to lift heavier objects without the permanent fear of dropping our internal organs.

We can discuss each and every condition from this preventive and fitness-based point of view. There ARE alternative ways to address your respective health problems. Even as you keep using the prescription drugs, inserted meshes and focus on not doing a single squat a day, yes, you can work on your problem by addressing its origin. Many diseases can be helped by specific exercises (ex., lots of functional training in case of MS or working on movement patterns and copying what you just did with your left hand on the right side in case of dementia, and so on). Investing in this kind of specific training is not any waste of money. You are investing in your future health, comfort and well-being and, as a result, you will save big on your future medical bills. Isn't it better, safer and easier to take that walk, grab a few dumbbells or attend a Pilates class twice a week than sponsoring your own surgery?

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