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Sedona Pathways ... our daily journey March 10, 2016

At rest .. some sights lend themselves to evoking a sense of peace and rest and this is one of those. I took the shot in December of, 2014 ENE of Flagstaff and looking to the ENE across a large portion of the San Francisco Volcanic Field.

The field includes about 600 volcanoes ranging from six million years old to less than a thousand years old; the most recent cone formed is Sunset Crater and it is a beautiful place with wondrous lava flows, gnarled trees, cinder fields and a sense of history. On this day, this area of the planet was at rest and blanketed by an endless sea of puffy clouds only a few hundred feet above the surface of the planet.

I think I'll send out a shot of Sunset Crater tomorrow night; it is one of those photogenic features and it appears to be heart shaped from the air . with the reddish cinders around the top it has a very unique and beautiful appearance.

A quiet day, some time with friends and work on photos. Best news of the day is that the exhaust manifolds have arrived and it is almost a certainty that I will be back in the air before the end of the month . then a project of shooting all the beautiful areas of Northern Arizona will be underway using the Canon 5DsR 50MP camera. This is a project that I have been looking forward to finishing; many new shots to take and also and replace many of my older images which were shot with lower resolution DSLR's.

Have a wonderful day . keep breathing and smiling


And in this journey over a thousand hills and valleys called life, he is wisest who is patient where the way is hard, has faith when he does not understand, and carries into the dark places the light of a cheerful heart.

Max Ehrmann

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