Fri, July 19

Letters: Open Letter to VACTE Board


I attended my first Valley Academy of Career and Technology Education (VACTE) meeting last week.

VACTE helps prepare local high school students to enter the workforce and/or achieve college readiness.

Career and technical education (CTE) prepares youth for adulthood as they explore job fields, develop workforce skills, and build character through responsible choices.

Verde Valley real estate is taxed to partially fund VACTE. Other funds are authorized by federal legislation and passed through Arizona Department of Education.

VACTE provides public education, with taxpayer dollars.

The VACTE Board meets during the day, making it difficult for the public to participate.

Per VACTE's own policy (and state law), meeting agendas and minutes should be posted online. When this commitment isn't honored, it's challenging for the public to be informed.

Big changes are underway at VACTE. Transparency should exist at the local level.

The position of Superintendent at VACTE is suddenly vacant. By outward appearances, VACTE board and staff may be struggling with challenging circumstances.

This is a good time for the Board to forensically examine VACTE reporting and accounting practices.

How does VACTE compare to other career and technology education districts, in Yavapai County, the region and state?

Arizona legislators have threatened to defund the VACTE model of services.

It's time for VACTE leadership to post meeting packets, return phone calls, and respond with documentation to media inquiries.

To do so encourages good people to step up, and become an integral part beneficial change.

Funding VACTE is a tiny portion of your tax bill, but it's a significant part of building a healthy community.

We each have a role in helping students mature into self-actualized, productive members of the workforce.

Linda Buchanan

Camp Verde