Wed, Jan. 22

Help arrives for your local feathered friends

It's been a nervous time for many Village and Sedona pet bird owners, with the retirement of Bell Rock veterinarian and avian specialist, Dr. Christina Bertch Mumaw.

"As with all living creatures, birds require regular care and maintenance to keep them healthy and happy," says Roxanne Genaro, owner of Feathers and Fur Pet Supply and Grooming, the Village center of the local exotic bird world.

She explains that now there are no other veterinarians in northern Arizona qualified to care for the parrots and macaws, cockatiels and conures, etc. that are the beloved companion birds of so many. But at last, major help is on its way!

His name is Mike Gaun, a former pet storeowner and professional bird groomer from Flagstaff, now making regular trips to our area.

During a recent trip to Feathers and Fur, he trimmed the beaks, nails and wings of 13 locally owned birds, from budgies to macaws. He has groomed hundreds of parrots, etc. over the years and can provide references if requested. He personally owns Blu, a 9-year-old Hyacinth Macaw, as well as a Yellow Naped Amazon, an Eleonora Cockatoo and a Green Wing Macaw.

Roxanne says his rates are very reasonable, and he does not use a Dremel on beaks or nails. To be clear, Mike is not a veterinarian, and a trip to Phoenix is the only option for difficult bird health problems.

However, Mike has agreed to schedule monthly visits here to do what's needed to keep our local feathered friends as healthy and happy as they can be.

Please contact Roxanne for more information or to schedule an appointment at 928-592-8860.

Feathers and Fur is located at 6446 SR 179, behind the Desert Flower Bakery.

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