Sat, Aug. 17

Cottonwood seeks input for Riverfront trails and recreation area Master Plan

COTTONWOOD -- For years, there have been complaints that Cottonwood does not have adequate trails. Cottonwood's long range planner, Charlie Scully says one of the biggest issues in Cottonwood is the lack of public land. But, now The Nature Conservancy is focusing a grant on the land around Riverfront Park.

A meeting next Thursday, May 26, will give citizens a chance to make suggestions for trails that will be a starting point.

Cottonwood is seeking input from citizens about how people currently use the City's existing pathways and trails, and how it can improve recreation and leisure opportunities along the Verde River.

The City is beginning a process of information-gathering to reinvigorate interest in recreation activities along the Verde River, the Jail Trail, and other multi-use trails. The project is funded by a River Recreation Planning Grant from The Nature Conservancy. Camp Verde and Clarkdale have also benefited from similar grants. The Cottonwood grant is to hire a consultant to plan and design services for a Riverfront Trails and Recreation Area Master Plan. The project will capitalize on the Verde River, and will design future pathways and trails throughout Cottonwood. Public and stakeholder input are essential and critical to the success of the master plan.

"Recreation and leisure opportunities along the Verde River are fundamental to our community's quality of life and we encourage everyone to participate," said Casey Rooney, Director of Economic Development. "The Master Plan will be a road map for the future of Cottonwood's trail system, and hearing from residents about their priorities is an important element."

Stakeholder focus group meetings will be held during the morning and afternoon on May 26th, at the Cottonwood Recreation Center. A community-wide open house public meeting will also be held May 26th, between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, in the Verde Room of Cottonwood Recreation Center at 150 S. 6th Street, Cottonwood.

Aaron Hayne of Norris Design in Flagstaff, the local consulting firm selected to assist and lead the planning effort, will conduct the public input process.

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He says the sessions will offer Trails plan and images and conceptual starting points by July which will lead to the first phase of the masterplan, depending on funding, implementing, jumping off prime areas and part of the first phase and linking with Riverfront Park.