Tue, Oct. 15

Mingus Union students earn $4.8 million in scholarships

Mingus Union High School's graduating class of 2016 earned a phenomenal amount of scholarships totaling nearly $4.8 million, according to Superintendent Dr. Paul Tighe.

This is up substantially from 2015's total of $2.8 million, which was an impressive increase from 2014 and 2013, with $2.3 million and $1.8 million, respectively. 

Hundreds of scholarships were awarded, ranging from as little as a few hundred dollars to full-ride four-year scholarships at universities worth as much as $140,000 each. 

Dr. Tighe praised Mingus' students, stating, "When I first learned of the total, I asked that it be double checked as I thought surely there was a mistake. These most impressive scholarships reflect the great achievements of Mingus' students; they are leaders in academics, athletics, arts, and character.  We are very proud of our students and most appreciative of the generosity of many organizations and individuals who are creating opportunities for students through these scholarships." 

Tighe also commented, "Scholarships earned by Mingus students represent a significant return on the investment in education. The scholarships equate to over 60 percent of our total operating budget. This is in addition to extensive dual enrollment credits earned, where Mingus students earn tuition-free college credits at Yavapai College, saving families hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition and fees."

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