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Verde Heritage -- 1913: CLARKDALE; Smelter Progress, May 24

"General Manager W. L. Clark, Mine Superintendent R. E. Tully and Chief Engineer T. C. Roberts of the United Verde Copper Company, of Jerome, Arizona, are visitors to Globe, having motored here from Phoenix over the road."

"The United Verde is one of the noted mines of the United States and for many years has been an important producer of copper and, in a less degree, of gold, the association of the two metals in the ore making the United Verde also one of the most profitable of the producing copper mines."

"In an interview with the visitors, a representative of the 'Record' learned something of the famous property and about the new smelter now being constructed in the Verde Valley, a short distance below the mine. The branch railroad from Cedar Glade on the Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix line running through the beautiful Verde Valley for 40 miles to the site of the smelter, has been completed, and is one of the finest scenic lines in Arizona."

"The preliminary work for the smelter, including the grading, foundations, etc., is well advanced, and the steel construction is expected to begin some time in July. The orders already placed call for 9,000 tons of structural steel, and the progress in the erection of the buildings will depend somewhat on the promptness of deliveries of material. However, the officials expect that the first unit of the smelter will be ready to blow in about this time next year. The capacity of the new plant will be approximately 3,000 tons daily, and it will embody many appliances and features proven utility in copper smelting and for the economical handling of the product. The plant will consist of 4 blast furnaces and 3 reverberatory furnaces, the dimensions of each of the latter being 19 x 104 feet. The plant has been designed with the view of its enlargement, should it be deemed necessary or advisable."

"In the moving of the ore from mine to smelter, the system adopted insures great economy. All ore will be dropped to the 1000-foot level of the mine, which is tapped by a tunnel several thousand feet long through which the ore will be conveyed by electric trams and delivered into bins at the portal of the tunnel. From there it will be hauled in cars over a standard gauge railroad 6 miles to the smelter. Owing to recent 'progressive' legislation governing corporations in Arizona, it was deemed advisable to control the smelter and tunnel, to be known as the Verde Tunnel & Smelter company. --- Globe Record."

(Mohave County Miner; Mineral Park; May 24, 1913; page 1.)

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