Thu, Nov. 21

A chance sighting results in a saved life for Cornville man

Emergency service responders carry the injured man to a waiting DPS Ranger helicoper. (YCSO photo)

Emergency service responders carry the injured man to a waiting DPS Ranger helicoper. (YCSO photo)

It was a very lucky day for a Cornville man. It was very lucky minute of a lucky day that a young girl was looking the right way at the right time.

A family of three generations called for help to rescue a 60-year Cornville man Friday afternoon on the side of Mingus Mountain. The man's Toyota FJ Cruiser four-wheel drive rolled about 300 feet off Allen Springs Road down to Forest Road 493.

Dale and Jeanne Schreiner live in Phoenix, but their son lives in Prescott Valley. The two families decided to have a picnic and both took their Chevy pickups to Allen Springs Road. They were sightseeing.

At one point, Dale's son, who was driving in the lead truck said that his 7-year-old daughter, Emma, pointed out the window and said, "Daddy, there is a car down there." His son was interested. So the father and son pulled their trucks to the side of the road and looked over the embankment.

The son commented, "That is a new car down there." Dale spotted where the vehicle went off the hill and said, "This happened just recently." "And my son yelled out, 'Is anyone there?' And believe it or not we had a response! We were at a mine tailings and the car was below it and my son was on top calling 911, while I was talking to this gentleman."

Dale said he just got too close to the edge and rolled over. "We were half way up the mountain just below the cell towers. It is not an easy road. We're Arizona people and we know what not to do. We came down the mountain and didn't have any problems, but this gentleman did. And it's amazing that we even thought about going down there to check this vehicle out, but my son insisted. And by golly, it happened, this gentleman was in there for three days. And he was down about 150 yards ... it was bad!" said Dale.

"I can't tell you exactly what he said," Dale responded, when asked, "Because he was in and out of consciousness and dehydrated, but he said he was there for three nights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then we found him Friday afternoon about 2:30."

"He had nothing to eat or drink. He was pinned under the steering wheel and between the door and the seat and he looked pretty bad. I don't know for sure, but he had a massive leg injury, shoulder injury and I heard he broke his back." Dale believes.

"The first responder was from Cottonwood and he found us, but his GPS wouldn't work and no one knew where we were, but when crews finally got a GPS fix on the site, everything started coming together. All those guys knew what to do. Nobody realizes how important they are, until you need them," Dale enthused.

"That guy said, no one would ever have seen him. It was in plain view, but hard to see. If you didn't look to the side, you could have passed it and never thought anything. You could have seen it, but you could have missed it."

"My wife and my son's wife were giving him water and comfort and a blanket. He told them, his horn worked for the first day, because he could hear people coming on the road, but no body answered the call and then his battery went dead.

"Can you imagine? I mean it was real bad. I mean you just had to be looking at the right time. My son didn't see it, my granddaughter did. We could have driven right by it. Thank God we didn't because the guy was on his last leg."

According to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, the man is in good condition at Flagstaff Medical Center.

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