Thu, Dec. 05

Editorial: Why the secrecy over marijuana farms?

When the Camp Verde Town Council takes up its discussion of local medical marijuana grow facilities tonight, let's hope some common sense enters the discussion.

To date, the town has refused to name the location of existing and future grow facilities in Camp Verde.

There is a touch of irony, and humor, in that. For years pot farmers have wanted to keep the location of their operations secret, especially from the government. Now that it's legal for some folks to grow the stuff, the government folks in Camp Verde take the position that it still should be secret.

Does the town keep the location of any other legitimate businesses secret? Why should pot farms be any different?

Further, if you look around the state of Arizona, no one else seems to be so preoccupied with keeping the locations of these operations secret as Camp Verde does.

When we reported on a similar operation in Cottonwood, city officials were up front from the very beginning that the operation was located on West Cherry Street.

Likewise, in extensive reports about medical marijuana grow operations in Chino Valley, the editor of the newspaper there said getting access to the addresses of the facilities was no problem, as they are public record.

Ditto for the reporting by the Arizona Range News in Willcox about medical marijuana grow facilities in Cochise County.

And in Kingman, the Daily Miner has reported that its community's grow operations are centrally located in the Kingman Airpark industrial area.

Why the secrecy?

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