Sun, Aug. 18

Pursuit suspect endangers motorists along major area highways
Cottonwood man arrested, booked on multiple charges

Daily Hicks Jr. (YCSO photo)

Daily Hicks Jr. (YCSO photo)

RIMROCK – Daily Hicks Jr. was arrested Sunday after endangering motorists during a pursuit that involved Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Department of Public Safety troopers, and a Ranger helicopter team.

Around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, YCSO deputies were dispatched to a traffic offense incident near Western Drive in Cottonwood for a potentially impaired driver, according to a news release.

The reporting caller was able to obtain a license plate number from the 1995 blue Geo sedan, showing the registered owner as Daily Hicks, said YCSO media coordinator Dwight D’Evelyn.

The deputies, said D’Evelyn, were aware that the vehicle owner’s son, 22-year-old Daily Hicks Jr., from Cottonwood, was wanted on a felony warrant and had been pursued a few days prior in Cornville.

Deputies located the suspect vehicle parked at a convenience store while canvassing Western Drive, and waited briefly before seeing a young male matching the description of Hicks Jr. enter the vehicle, according to the release.

YCSO said that deputies approached the vehicle and asked the man to exit, but he refused multiple commands and remained locked inside. During the contact, a deputy noticed a distinctive tattoo on the suspect’s forearm, said D’Evelyn.

The pursuit

Without warning, the driver started the vehicle and accelerated away while the deputy was still standing next to the driver’s door, according to the release.

The suspect drove onto the sidewalk adjacent to the front entrance of the store, said D’Evelyn, and then reversed the vehicle making several unsafe turning maneuvers before fleeing and nearly colliding with another car entering the parking lot.

The driver continued along Western Drive and made a left turn onto SR 260, ignoring a red light and causing traffic to abruptly stop to avoid collisions, according to the release.

He continued east on SR 260, stated YCSO, as deputies began a pursuit while backing off when necessary to prevent movement by the suspect that could endanger nearby motorists.

D’Evelyn said the driver reached speeds of 80 mph and as he approached Old Highway 279, he crossed over the double yellow line to pass other cars, including a DPS trooper.

The trooper began pursuing the vehicle which entered northbound I-17 from SR 260, stated the release.

While traveling north on I-17, three DPS troopers were now in pursuit of the suspect who eventually exited I-17 at McGuireville and drove through a stop sign on Cornville Road, said D’Evelyn.

The suspect continued east on Beaver Creek Road, at times driving in the opposite lane of travel causing motorists driving west to flee their lane to avoid a collision, according to the release.

Due to the suspect’s reckless disregard for others, said YCSO, law enforcement officers terminated the pursuit.

The search

The vehicle was later found abandoned at the end of Goldmine Road in Rimrock, stuck in heavy brush, according to the release, and a baggie of meth was found in the front seat.

The suspect could not be located after a search of the general area, said D’Evelyn, which included assistance from a DPS ranger helicopter team.

The arrest

Just before 7 a.m. Sunday, a citizen reported hearing a man calling for help in the area of Soda Springs Ranch in Rimrock, according to the release.

EMS personnel arrived and found the man, said D’Evelyn, who was wearing only blue shorts, sitting on the edge of a cliff.

He was scratched, the release stated, as if he had been running through brush and complaining about being cold.

The man had a tattoo on his back that said “Hicks,” but he gave deputies a false name, said D’Evelyn.

Deputies on scene confirmed it was Hicks Jr., according to the release, based on a photo that was obtained along with matching tattoos.

After medical treatment, said D’Evelyn, Hicks Jr. was arrested and booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center on charges including provide false identity; aggravated assault with vehicle times two; resist arrest; flee pursing law enforcement vehicle; endangerment; possession/transportation/sale of dangerous drugs; and possession of marijuana.

He remains in-custody on a no bond probation hold.