Sun, Sept. 15

Letter: Presidential vote is choice between socialism and capitalism


It’s the issues that count. Yes we can brand Trump as a dirty old man, and we can brand Hillary as the most corrupt individual to ever run for the presidency, but one of them will be President.

So let’s look at the issues, at what’s important.

Hillary will continue growing the socialistic/progressive Obama government. She will raise taxes not only on the rich, but across the board including middle income. She wants open borders and no she was not talking about energy.

She has said she wants to increase immigration of Syrian refuges by 500 percent above Obama’s quota. B

ill Clinton stated in a recent interview that we should bring in 10,000 Syrian refuges to rebuild the city of Detroit. Lucky Detroit.

According to Google, Detroit has an unemployment rate of about 20 percent including those who have given up looking for work. And think about the tens of thousands of refuge children entering our already over-crowded schools.

In contrast, Trump will lower taxes on all businesses – from small to large. Money saved from taxation is capital. We all know it takes capital to start a business or to grow an established business.

A new business needs employees = jobs. A growing business needs more employees = jobs. As these businesses grow, the employees will spend earned dollars in retail, buying homes, vehicles, etc. causing all of these businesses to hire more employees = jobs.

This is called capitalism. A capitalistic government is what made this nation the greatest ever in its first 100 years.

But going back to the late 1800’s, the “insiders” wanted a socialistic/progressive government because socialism has only two classes: the ruling class (insiders/power) and the working class (the rest of us).

Hillary is an insider. Trump is a capitalist. Your vote will be a deciding factor in whether our country will become socialistic or continue on its great course of capitalism.

Diane Daniel


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