Tue, June 25

Letter: Firefighters endorse Tim Elinski for mayor


The Sedona-Verde Valley Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 3690, represents over 180 professional firefighters across our Verde Valley. Since our formation of our organization over 20 years ago, we have always supported elected officials that have supported our professional organization by providing us with safe staffing levels, equipment, and training to meet your needs during an emergency.

Since Tim Elinski was first elected to the Cottonwood City Council 11 years ago, and throughout his time as a City Council member, he has been an energetic and consistent advocate of the Fire Fighters helping us to protect you from fires, and other disasters, and provide you the highest level of Emergency Medical Care. At the same time, Elinski has been sensitive to the dangers firefighters and EMTs face on the job and the need to protect our health and safety.

Elinski and our professional firefighters have a shared vision for the City of Cottonwood. Elinski understands local government, understands the needs of our community, supports the Fire and Medical needs of those who live here and visit Cottonwood and his vision goes well beyond public safety. Firefighters are citizens too and we to want an efficient city, safe streets, and to provide the best customer service when you dial 911.

We’re with Elinski every step of the way now and after the election. Through his experience and performance over 11 years in public office, Tim Elinski has proven to us that he has the integrity, the vision, and compassion to be the next Mayor of Cottonwood and we want to help him achieve that goal.

David Rodriguez


Sedona-Verde Valley Firefighters L3690