Mon, Feb. 24

Letter: Say no to all propositions


Unlike other states that have Propositions on Ballots, ours are carved in stone. They become more than just law, they are so concrete that they cannot be corrected if some part does not work as hoped. Our legislators, even the governor cannot fix it if it is broken. They are only allowed to make it worse.

For example, Prop 205, if it turns out that children are going to the emergency room (as in Colorado), because of all the marketed edible candies that are liaised with high dose THC, no law can be proposed to stop it. Don’t like that the dispensary will be in Cottonwood, too bad.

How about testing for THC levels after an accident, sorry, can’t do. How about changing where the money goes, so it helps the community that will have to pay for the increase in security and medical care as paranoia and sycoses increase( as seen in Colorado), forget it.

A Proposition of 27 pages alone should be voted down. This is a scary law that purposely bypasses the legislative process for one reason, this would never pass by normal means, but if it did, it could be modified and fixed.

And people can be held responsible for passing this by voting them out. They are counting on people’s ignorance and naivety to get this passed, and once passed they will never have to worry about it changing. I trust propositions more if they come from the legislature for that reason. They have already been though the fine tuning process.

I hope that before people vote, they will take the opportunity to see the 60 Minutes segment from 10/30/16 exposing all the problems Colorado is experiencing. Most sad is the doctor interviews that see the poisoning of newborns by indulging mothers. Also disturbing is the shrinking of teenager/early 20 youth brains that is lowering their IQ.

Unlike alcohol that leaves the body in hours, THC is stored in the fat of the body. And with the brain being 90 percent fat, it is very dangerous, and stays in the tissues for even a month or more. I also worry about the vulnerability of our nation and the future of this generation if our youth are so impaired.

There is another reason I believe that this proposition is on our ballot as it is in 5 other states. One party is hoping that it will drive the youth to the polls, and hopefully vote for them as well. It is sad that this party also caters to the corrupting of the people.

It is well known that the Left believes that by bringing in more illegal immigrants to this country, that they will benefit by increasing their voting base. What many people do not realize is that these same people believe a corrupted people will also vote for the Left.

Thus there is a huge effort to destroy a young person’s moral compass if not in High School then certainly in college.

Don’t be a part of it. Vote No to Prop 205 and even Prop 206.

Maral Moffitt


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