Thu, April 02

Letter: Say no to status quo; vote for Donald Trump


Has Donald Trump made some classless remarks and could he pick and choose his words more carefully? Yes, absolutely.

Does he sincerely care about this country? I believe so. I am a registered Republican and contributor to the RNC but no more. I will register as an Independent.

They are ignoring the will of the people by not supporting Trump because he represents change and accountability, something they want no part of.

They are looking out for themselves and the gravy train they enjoy at the taxpayer expense. They have proven themselves no better than elitist Democrats whom in bed with Hillary Clinton stole the election from Bernie Sanders resulting in the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

I am a man who deals with facts not emotion, just ask my girlfriend. Ladies, consider this: Donald Trump has raised a family respected by all. He employs more female managers and executives than men and pays them accordingly. This is his legacy toward women.

In response to the recent letter from Cindy Harms, don’t be emotional and hypocritical, your candidate is far worse. I did three years in the Army and 20 years in a factory. I know, and intelligent women will agree, that women can be just as lewd as men.

Let’s be honest about Hillary. Monica Lewinsky aside, numerous women have filed suit against Bill. Hillary attacked, threatened and dismissed all of them. Any self-respecting woman would have divorced him and if Hillary wanted to make a statement in support of women, she would have. She didn’t because it was expedient not to in order to further her political ambitions.

The White House belongs to the people, not the Clintons. Bengazi, e-mails, pay for play, I’m sorry people but Hillary is corrupt,. Washington is corrupt. Voting the status quo changes nothing and the taxpayer continues to be taken advantage of.

Vote for change, vote for Trump. What have you got to lose?

Bruce Parman


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