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Be Fit Fit! Removing Barriers, One at a Time


Magdalena Romanska

We are all too familiar with routinely coming up with obstacles to exercise.

If we do not like to move, or even only think we do not like to move, the natural thing to do is to come up with an excuse or two to explain why we do not move…

What are the most common excuses to exercise?

Well, the one which is brought up the most frequently is lack of time. Another one is no money to join a gym. Or, once we have successfully joined the gym, it seems that the gym is located just a notch too far from our home to bother. Some of us feel we need to rest instead of exercise and get even more tired. Then, some would believe they might get injured if they train. You will also hear explanations such as, I do not have right clothes to train, I forgot my bike riding shorts, my phone is on the New York, not Arizona, time, so I overslept my training session, my local gym is dirty, or even that “I am too old to exercise”.

Truly, we can kill all of the above obstacles one at the time.

No time? What about lacing your shoes up and going for a 15-minute long walk around the block? You do have fifteen minutes. And believe me, if you do not exercise, you will spend more than that patiently waiting in line to various doctors later in your life (think of the origin of the noun, “patient”…).

No monies? You do not need any expensive gym. Grab two bottles of water for light hand weights or perform an array of body weight only exercises at home. No monies needed.

The gym is too far from your headquarters? Well, either join one which is closer, or refer to the paragraph above and train at home. And use the great outdoors for the aerobic training. Go out and have fun! By the way, literally go out and have fun – dancing is great for you!

You are tired? Of… sitting at your desk? Give exercise a chance and train for 20 minutes and see if you feel any better after the session. My bet is, you will feel more energized, happy and positive. So, trust me and just try it.

Injuries? No need to worry if you approach your training progressively. Or, if you are still scared, hire a trainer and perform your exercises under their watchful eye. No monies for the trainer, but still perplexed at the bare thought of an injury? Use free YouTube videos and free, solid information on the Internet to give you a good idea about the form, posture, and types of exercise to perform.

No right clothes for your sweat session? Believe me, you can sweat in a simple T-shirt and shorts, or even in your day wear clothes. Then, you wash them at one point or another… Clothes are there to be used, right?

Forgot the bike shorts? Tough luck. Bike in your regular ones and suck up the discomfort, if any. Most likely, you are not going to bike fifty miles right away, so it won’t matter if you use the padded shorts or not.

And, you know what? You are never too old to exercise! My oldest client at present is 94 and I remain ever-impressed by her! The gal rocks.

To overcome barriers to exercise, we have to understand why moving, sweating and, generally, being somewhat out of our comfort zone on that treadmill is good for us. And then, we have to develop a solid plan of action to implement the plot to exercise into our daily life.

Even one exercise session is scientifically proven to enhance your self-image. It is hard to get our respective cabooses more, but once we do, our system is overflowing with happy hormones, such as serotonin and adrenaline. We feel proud we did it, we feel more confident and our self-esteem skyrockets. All those positive hormones make us less suspect to depression and we feel better for the whole day. A nice Catch-22, isn’t it?

Good luck with overcoming your personal obstacles to train. Please remember that it is what we perceive as an obstacle can become an obstacle. If the given situation is not perceived by us as an obstacle, we will simply not even notice it and will continue on the path to well-being. So, choose wisely what you perceive as an obstacle and what maybe is not.

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