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Verde Heritage: 1927: ARMISTICE DAY

"The echo of marching feet and a familiar cadence that dragged a bit slower 9 years ago brought back to the hearts of several hundred Legionnaires here Armistice Day, the eventful day a few years ago when the first Armistice Day was celebrated."

"For the first time all business houses closed; schools were dismissed and the mines ceased operations. The local post of the American Legion with the assistance of local fraternal organizations gave to Jerome one of the most patriotic and colorful celebrations in its history."

"Forming at the high school, children fell into the parade which marched to the plaza where a speaking program took place. Frank W. Flynn of Prescott addressed the gathering on the disabled soldier problem and Robert L. Finch of Phoenix, Maricopa County Representative, was introduced by Harry Amster as the speaker of the day. Finch's talk dwelt on the work of the Legion and the significance of the day. Americanism and its application to prosperity was discussed as a potent factor."

"Elizabeth Connolly as 'Columbia,' John Revello, a sailor, Jane Rabb and Lois Amster as Red Cross nurses, played a special part in the plaza services. A chorus of high school girls composed of Elna Barnett, Margaret Riordan, Beulah Galbraith, Hermione Gerrish, Clare Osmundsen, Evelyn Temme, Francis Shea, Mary Harrington, Winifred Cloos and Billie Thomas presented a group of choral numbers on the program."

"The Legion and Auxuliary banquet was presided over by W. Val DeCamp. A. N. Crawford gave the principal address. Activities wound up in the evening with the grand ball in Miller Hall, where Chub's orchestra entertained."

(Verde Copper News; Tuesday, November 15, 1927; page 1.)

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