Sat, Feb. 22

Letter: The shouting will not go away anytime soon

The shouting will not go away anytime soon


It’s all over but the shouting. We have a new president. What did we get?

We got a Christian who said he doesn’t believe in repentance. We got a man who has come out very strongly against illegal immigrants working in our country, whose wife -- our future first lady -- worked here illegally for seven weeks, earning $20,000 in that time. We got a president who promises to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, who uses Chinese steel in his construction projects, and has his name-branded products made overseas.

We got a president who has the full endorsement of communist dictators and racist hate groups. By his failure to refuse such endorsements, he tacitly accepts and agrees with them.

We got a president who hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and is already walking back his campaign promises.

We got a president who has, is, and likely will continue to surround himself with advisors who are very wealthy, like himself, and would like to remain so. Like himself. A president who publicly dishonored us all by attempting to shame a Gold Star family. A man with no military service whatsoever, who condemned a senator for having been a POW.

We got a reality TV star who, true to type, will say and do the most shocking and repellent things just to get noticed and talked about. Who spent his entire campaign railing against the unfairness of it all, and now that he’s won, continues to do so.

Yes, it’s all over but the shouting. I have a feeling that will go on for a long time to come.

Desiree Valenzuela, Cottonwood

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