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Letter: Thank you for letting me be part of turning dream into reality

Thank you for letting me be part of turning dream into reality


Special thanks are due to Camp Verde Community Library staff and volunteers for all the hard work they did moving the library from the old building to the new one. Library staff took on unaccustomed tasks and pitched in as we configured shelving and moved all our books. They cleaned, packed, carted and hauled until every piece of usable office furniture and every computer was moved and setup in the new library. Right alongside staff, worked a group of faithful volunteers, some we had never even met before. Thank you Alice Gottschalk, Carson Ralston, Gerry Laurito, Helen Howard, Nadia Torabi, Sharon Freeman, Von Hatch and Wendy Roberts for working so hard and being willing to do whatever was needed. Thank you, Library volunteers for all the hours you spent helping us get ready for the Library grand opening event. But, of all those who helped, there are several people that deserve special recognition.

First, Dee and Larry Thompson went above and beyond all other staff and volunteers as they helped us move, put together furniture, setup rooms, place items around the library, haul off trash and generally work from dawn to dusk alongside my husband and me. Their support and the physical work they accomplished was phenomenal. I am more thankful for the help than it is possible to convey in these few words.

Next, Jeannette Teets, Karen Morris, Laura Gagnon, Valerie Foster, Alice Derrick and Morgan Embly worked tirelessly setting up the Friends of Camp Verde Library Book Nook on the second floor (before the elevator was working), training new workers and then, running the sale all day November 5. I appreciate their good humor, vision, and willingness to tackle the task from start to finish. I am honored that this amazing group of women is dedicating their talent, energy and time to serve the Library.

Finally, a huge thank you to all the people in Camp Verde and the surrounding area who have dreamed, planned, sweated, worked, argued and supported the building of new library for the past 20+ years. You did it and you should be proud of what you have accomplished! Thank you for letting me be part of turning the dream into reality.

Kathy D Hellman, Library Director, Camp Verde Community Library

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