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"Grading on the new railway from Cedar Glade to the Verde Valley is now under headway, and 18 miles are fully covered which will bring the work up to the point where a bridge will span the river. Several large outfits are located along the entire route to the above point, and every mile is occupied, from which will be learned the practical and energetic efforts that are being made by the L. J. Smith Construction company, to complete the railway at the earliest possible date."

"Yesterday two and one half miles of the railroad were ready, and it is expected that track laying will begin in December, when about seven miles will be graded. At the present time there are 350 laborers employed, with 135 teams, the work being performed by hand, and no steam shovels being introduced as was done on the double tracking of the Santa Fe which this firm performed. Two large outfits are expected to arrive tomorrow, which will materially increase the force and expedite construction. The project will then assume a more pronounced resemblance to heavy railroad work."

"At mile post 23, where the big tunnel is to be bored through the mountain a distance of 600 feet, John Berggren, sub-contractor, has a force of 75 men at work, and is making good headway. The purpose is to have the roadbed ready from Cedar Glade to the Verde River bridge by the middle of March. That stretch of country is the heaviest on the line, and rock work will be the order."

"Some idea of the character of the country may be gathered from the statement that up to the present time 75,000 pounds of black powder and over 20,000 pounds of dynamite have been used, and the undertaking is only in its initial stages."

"Field headquarters have been established at the ranch of M. A. Perkins, which is favorably located for that purpose. W. H. Cox, of Jerome, who has the contract for supplying meat, has opened up a shop and erected a slaughter house. The many structures made the place quite lively."

"The company has also constructed a good wagon road from Cedar Glade along the grade for fifteen miles, to afford rapid handling of men and material."

"Scott Mitchell, who represents the company, maintains his headquarters in Prescott, and is a frequent visitor to the grade using his automobile. For the benefit of any who desire to see an interesting sight in railroad construction, he states that less than three hours' traveling is required from this city to the camps, and a good road exists all the way."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; November 22, 1911; page 8.)

The railroad tracks reached the terminal point on Thursday, November 14, 1912. (The Verde Independent: "1912 CLARKDALE, The Busiest Place in the Great Southwest;" November 17, 2012.)

See: The Verde Independent; "Verde Heritage Blog: 1911; Work Started on the New Railroad, November;" November 6, 2014.

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