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Verde Heritage 1953: CAMP VERDE RODEO

"By Mrs. Gil Harris."

"Perfect weather and a good crowd of enthusiastic onlookers made the Lions Club rodeo and barbecue a very enjoyable affair in Camp Verde last weekend."

"Bill Basham, assisted by John Cook and Gilbert Harris, prepared the barbecue. Salads, chili beans, ice cream and coffee were furnished by the Lions and their wives. Otto Boler was rodeo announcer for the two day affair."

"Visitors from Cottonwood, Payson, Clarkdale and as far away as Williams attended."

"Men's calf roping was won Saturday by Ray Adams, with Pete Shill taking second place. Sunday winners of this event were Walt Murdock, first, and Pete Shill, second. Boys' calf roping was won by Jack Harris and Tops Murdock on Saturday, and by Wayne Richards and Jimmy Chilton Sunday."

"Men's team tying was won Saturday by Sheldon Richards and Pierce Rhodes and by Dave Murdock and Walt Murdock, first, and Sheldon Richards and Walt Murdock, second, on Sunday."

"An invitational calf roping was held with 7 contestants roping 5 calves each. Winners were Dick Richards, of Humboldt, first, and Bob Reeves, of Clarkdale, second."

"A matched team tying pitted George Goswick, of Humboldt, and Pierce Rhodes, of Cornville, against Sheldon Richards and Walt Murdock, of Camp Verde. Goswick and Rhodes proved the winners by a narrow margin."

"Some of the special events afforded quite an interest. There was a married women's chicken chase in which Polly Hollamon proved to be the only contestant among 15 able to overtake and catch a chicken while running through sand 6 inches deep. High school girls also entered a chicken chase. Betty Sue Matthews won the chicken."

"Saturday winners of the family stake race were Wayne and Sheldon Richards. On Sunday, Elva and Gale Wingfield were the fastest team."

"The rescue race, in which teams of boys and girls took part, consisted of the boys running their horses the length of the arena, picking up their girl companions from the ground and racing back to the judges' stand. Winners the first day were Tops and Sharlene Murdock. Jack Harris and Carol Ann Derrick won the second day."

"Musical chairs on horseback was won on Saturday by Jack Harris and on Sunday by Bob Reeves."

"The peanut butter eating contest proved one of the most difficult and entertaining. Entrants ran 50 yards, picked up a rather dry, cold peanut butter sandwich and began eating. The first boy to completely eat his sandwich and whistle won. Saturday winner was Wayne Richards, with Tee Cook taking the honor on Sunday."

"Color movies of the 2-day rodeo were taken by Aubrey Tompkins and will be shown at the Lions Club some ladies' night in the near future."

(The Verde Independent; Thursday, December 3, 1953; page 5.)

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