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Meet Arizona House District 6 candidate Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez (Democrat)

• Age: 69

• Years in Arizona: 15

• Occupation: Retired public school superintendent and retired U.S. Navy Reserve Capt.

• Education: BS, University of Arizona; M.Ed.; University of Arizona; Ed.D. University of Arizona

• Elective and advisory experience: No elective service. Advisory experiences were consultant to U.S. Office of Education and Arizona State Office of Education.

Verde Independent: How do you plan to apply the fundamental principles of your party to remedy Arizona's unresolved issues in quality of education, immigration policy and job growth?

Martinez: One of the fundamental principles of my party is that of equality and fairness. We must ensure that all of our schools, rural or urban, have the resources they need to teach our children well. Education is the key to economic growth and attracting new businesses to our state.

In that same vein, immigration reform requires applying fairness to those who have come to our shores and want better opportunities for their children.

Verde Independent: The Affordable Care Act has affected Arizona in both positive and negative ways, with increased medical coverage for the uninsured/underinsured yet increased rates and shrinking choices for others. With counties like Pinal experiencing a complete pullout of all insurers except one, what is your plan to ensure coverage for Arizonans?

Martinez: The ACA covers the uninsured with a basic umbrella that includes pre-existing conditions and allows kids to stay on their parent's insurance until the age of 26. The basic framework is now in place and we need to provide incentives to expand the market place to make sure insurance choices are available for all of our communities. The legislature needs to work with our congressional delegation to enact reforms and craft improvements to alleviate some of the issues that have arisen.

Verde Independent: What skills have you acquired in your personal background and how will you apply those skills to making decisions in the legislature?

Martinez: Throughout my years of public service as an educator, administrator, and in the military, I have acquired a number of skills that are sorely needed in the legislature. I have always considered myself to be a fiscal conservative and demonstrated that when I was in charge of budgets and spending. I believe in being accountable to the voters about how we spend their hard earned tax dollars.

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