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Meet State Senate District 6 candidate Sylvia Tenney Allen

Sylvia Tenney Allen

Sylvia Tenney Allen

Sylvia Tenney Allen

• Age: 69

• Years in Arizona/Verde Valley: Born in Arizona 6th Generation

• Occupation: State Senator

• Education: Snowflake High School graduate

• Elective and advisory experience: Elected to the AZ Senate 2008-2012; Elected Navajo County Supervisor 2012-2014; Re-elected to AZ Senate 2014; President Pro Tempore; Chairman Education Committee; Vice Chair of two Committees, Water/Energy and Government Affairs and Member of Appropriation Committee. As Supervisor, served as: President of the Arizona/New Mexico Coalition of Counties; Board member of the Little Colorado River Resources Conservation District; Board member of the Northern Arizona Council of Governments Community Action and Board member of the Navajo County WIA (Workforce Investment Act). Appointed by the Arizona Corporation Commission to the Transmission Line Sitting Committee. Represents Navajo County at the USWFS meetings on the Expansion of the Mexican Wolf. Also supports the REAL AZ Economic Regional planning and the Natural Resource Working Group focused on the forest industry's health.

Verde Independent: How would you stimulate economic growth in rural regions of your district?

Allen: Small businesses are the engine of economic development and the main drivers of our economy. It is the hard working people behind those small businesses who create jobs. In order to stimulate economic growth in rural Arizona, government must create an atmosphere where people and businesses can flourish. We should reduce the tax burden and ease regulations on small businesses. By achieving these concepts we will continue to improve Arizona's business climate which will attract new business and spark entrepreneurship in rural Arizona. This environment will help small businesses expand and grow and for new business to be created. It is essential that we continue to invest in our workforce development and education so there are people to fill these new jobs. Because of my vision and strong voting record for economic development in rural Arizona, I have been recognized and endorsed by various sectors of the business community.

Verde Independent: What do you believe are key issues involving natural resources in Arizona and how would you work to solve them?

Allen: I have been a consistent supporter for Arizona to further utilize and develop our natural resources in an effective way. Technology continues to improve our ability to develop our natural resources while also ensuring that we are being responsible stewards of our environment. A majority of Arizona lands are controlled by federal agencies in Washington D.C. and we must continue to push Congress to increase our ability to manage the forests and develop these mineral rich lands within our state. My family operated five sawmills and I remember the once prosperous timber industry that brought hundreds of millions dollars a year to Arizona's economy. This flourishing industry, which employed families and generated economic development, has been shuttered due to excessive environmental regulations and lawsuits. These issues have resulted in overgrown forests and unnecessary forest fire threats, lack of economic development and a strain on our water supply.

Verde Independent: Arizonans are increasingly worried about being victims of violent crime. While serving in the legislature, what proposed solutions would you support and what proposed solutions would you not support?

Allen: The threats of terrorism, border security and violent crime that Arizonans are feeling are real and present. We must continue to implement policies that address these issues. This year I voted to fight against the drug cartels and human trafficking trade by establishing the Arizona Border Strike Force. I support proposals that maintain law and order and ensure safety in our communities. I am and will continue to be an ardent supporter of the fundamental right of a private citizen to protect themselves and their families through the 2nd Amendment. Our criminal justice system must operate in a way that keeps violent criminals off of the streets. Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms and keep us safe. We must allow law enforcement to do their job and guarantee that they have the resources they need to get the job done.

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