Thu, April 02

Be Fit Fit! Cholesterol-challenged?

Lower your (bad) cholesterol Levels with these foods If you suffer from increased levels of the LDL (bad) cholesterol, listen up. You can positively influence its levels within several months by consuming more foods containing lots of soluble fibers. You can get this fiber, for example, from celery, carrots, pears, apples, oranges, beans, peas, barley, oats, almonds, and whole grains. These foods diminish insulin resistance and act similarly to the statins, by blocking the assimilation of bad fats. Naturally, these foods do not contain much fats and are filling, so we do not feel hungry for a while after eating them. Moreover, they promote healthy digestion - their bulk makes the gastrointestinal system working hard. It is especially the case of non-soluble fibers, which simply remain that much longer in our GI tract!

At the next physical, make sure to ask your doctor to check your cholesterol levels. And do not get scared if your results are not ideal: you do have enough of control to improve the numbers you're your nutrition and by exercising.

Optimal LDL cholesterol level is anything less than 100, while the desirable magic number for the total cholesterol is less than 200. There is only one type of cholesterol which is 'god" and of which you'd rather have more than less: the HDL cholesterol, which prevents the blockage of arteries. You want to have its levels at 60 or more.

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