Sat, March 28

Letter: Faith-based vote certainly cannot go Trump's way


I would like to preface my commentary by stating that I am not a Democrat or a Hillary Clinton supporter. That being said, after observing a political sign while leaving my neighborhood, I feel compelled to address a situation arising in our country where the first amendment of our Constitution seems to be in jeopardy.

The separation of Church and State is continually being challenged by religious zealots who want to inject their moral and religious beliefs on those of us who think differently.

The sign in question is now a tandem sign. The bottom of the sign is Donald Trumps information and attached and right above it is a local Pastor's sign. He is running for the school board.

One could conclude, therefore, that he supports Donald Trump. Now, as a citizen and member of our community, he has a right to run for the school board. As an aside, I personally don't think any religious leader should be on a school board, especially if the teaching of science is involved. As we've seen in the past, science and certain religions rarely mix.

Now, this sign of his, over Donald Trumps, would lead me to conclude he is a supporter of this Republican Candidate. This is where I have an issue. He can certainly exercise his right to pick a candidate, but the endorsement of any candidate by any member of a clergy will in effect influence members of his or her congregation.

In the last election (2012) I know that churches were making it known to their congregations, what their preference was for who should be elected President of the United States. This appalls me. Organized Religion is based on controlling the masses.

It's very design discourages the thinking of oneself for the opinions of a so-called more knowledgeable human having Divine insight which feeds to the worshippers. If Churches want to promote political doctrine then let them pay taxes the way the rest of us do, except of course Donald Trump!

Speaking of "The Donald", allow me to offer a little insight to this man's behavior. This is for all of you who claim to want to research a candidate. These facts were well documented in the New York Metropolitan area.

As a person born and raised in NJ (living there for 55 years) I was witness to his activities, especially real estate. I lived just 12 miles from NYC and worked there (in the construction industry) for many years, so I will submit the following FACTS.

In order to build Trump Tower it was necessary to demolish the existing structure. So the phrase he loves to use, HIRE AMERICAN WORKERS was NOT his practice. He hired undocumented Polish workers. These workers would work 12 hour days and were paid sub par wages, if at all and were supplied with inadequate safety equipment (as stated in Time Magazine, Sept. 5, 2016) When it came to building casinos in Atlantic City, NJ, he reneged on paying the contractors what they were owed and negotiated a payment far below what they had been told they would receive. He put most of them out of business and then filed for bankruptcy which is his favorite business play (other than not paying income tax). He has MANY businesses overseas which nobody calls him on and has no problem using Chinese steel for his construction rather than steel that's made in the USA!!! He does not believe in raising the minimum wage, demeans women, does not believe John McCain was a war hero because he was captured, criticizes our military and it's leaders (says he is smarter than our generals!!) and thinks more countries should have nuclear weapons.

He makes fun of the disabled, thinks women should be PUNISHED for having abortions and basically lies through his teeth, denying comments that have been recorded on film

He hates Mexicans and Muslims and thinks Vladimir Putin ( a murderous dictator) is a great leader. Now any intelligent person could reach a sensible conclusion about this despicable man but I know there are those out there that don't want to be confused with the facts and only get their news from Fox, who is known to make up most of what they say just to increase their ratings which is a direct quote from Bill O'Reilly!

But here's the kicker. This is a man supported by Jerry Falwell and he has a "magic" Pastor named Paula White a televangelist from Florida. He is supported by so many so-called Christians which is just beyond belief.

How anyone, especially those who profess Faith can support a man whose traits are hate, deceit, arrogance, pettiness, misogyny , constant lying, manipulation, cheating (and yes he has cheated on his wives), is beyond reason. You go to your churches., read and study your bible , sing your hymns and throw your hands to the Heavens. I may not be a biblical scholar, but I have studied my Bible enough to know that Jesus did not preach or tolerate any of that kind of behavior.

Doesn't the Bible speak of love not hate, understanding, forgiveness, loving your enemies, doing unto others and not judging those who think differently than you do? You can't pick and choose only those verses you like or maybe you can. I just wonder how people can call themselves Christians and still support (and take on the same demeanor) of a person like Donald Trump?

In closing, I would like to define the word hypocrisy. It is the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion. There certainly is no shortage of hypocrisy in this election.

J. Bauer


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