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Meet Camp Verde School Board candidate Eric Lawton

Eric Lawton

Eric Lawton

Eric Lawton

Age: 46

Years in Arizona/Verde Valley: 41 and 3 1/2

Occupation: Retired

Education: college degree

Elective and Advisory Experience: School Board member, Yarnell School District #52 (previously), President, Sight Advisory Committee CVMS (currently)

Civic Affiliations: Youth leader and Sunday School teacher, Parkside Community Church in Camp Verde (currently); Assistant Wrestling Coach, CVMS (currently); Assistant Football Coach Prescott Valley Hitmen (previously).

Verde Valley Newspapers: What uniquely qualifies you to serve as a member of the Camp Verde Unified School District board and what has prompted you to seek this position?

Lawton: My best quality is that I like to serve and help people in every aspect of their lives, in any way that I can. I specifically believe that we must do our best to help the youth of our community be the best they can be. I have had previous school board experience. Helping students daily for the last 2 1/2 years at Camp Verde Middle School has prompted me to seek this position. I would prefer to be able to help all of the students, in all grades, not just a small group.

I also have a child of my own in this school district, so each issue is of utmost importance to me.

Verde Valley Newspapers: Is the Camp Verde Unified School District adequately serving the educational needs of its K-12 students? Do you feel that a four-day school week effectively addresses the school district's educational mission, and if not, and how do you suggest the district meet those objectives?

Lawton: I believe that CVUSD is adequate in serving the educational needs of its students. Though I think we should strive to be excellent or outstanding, not just adequate.

I do feel that the four day school week is excellent, and definitely serves the needs of the students and objectives of the school district. Grades are up, attendance is up, and referrals are down. The classroom time requirements are met, but more instruction is accomplished each day due to longer class periods.

Verde Valley Newspapers: Do you have any specific changes you want to make in school district policies, programs or the various school curricula being offered? If so, what changes do you want to make and why?

Lawton: I don't necessarily want to make any changes. Sometimes, change can be a bad thing. I would rather make improvements.

I will always want to continue to make better advances toward better nutrition as well as fitness (recess).

We also need more than just the basics. Art, music, and physical education should be emphasized more. Helping teachers get more training should be a constant goal. I know we have budgets and such to deal with, but the students are the absolute first priority.

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