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Meet Camp Verde School Board candidate June Trinidad

June Trinidad

June Trinidad

June Trinidad

Age: 53

Years in Arizona/Verde Valley: 12 years

Occupation: Owner of The UPS Store, Camp Verde

Education: Two years of college

Elective and Advisory Experience: four years high school Site Advisory Council and three years middle school Site Advisory Council as a parent, one year each middle school and high school Site Advisory Council as community advisor.

Civic Affiliations: Camp Verde Business Alliance

Verde Valley Newspapers: What uniquely qualifies you to serve as a member of the Camp Verde Unified School District board and what has prompted you to seek this position?

Trinidad: I have served on the Site Advisory Council for both the middle school and the high school as a parent and as a community advisor. I have seen first-hand where the schools have been and personally I am not completely happy with the education my sons received. That is why I want to serve on the board. Maybe I can make a difference.  

Verde Valley Newspapers: Is the Camp Verde Unified School District adequately serving the educational needs of its K-12 students? Do you feel that a four-day school week effectively addresses the school district's educational mission, and if not, and how do you suggest the district meet those objectives?

Trinidad: No, the students are not getting an adequate education. Especially the high school students. I don't feel they are being prepared enough for college. The four-day week has its positives and negatives. Yes there are less absenteeisms on both the part of the students and teachers, but are they really getting enough time in the classroom? Going to the five-day/six weeks on two-weeks off (200-day school year) may be a good alternative.  

Verde Valley Newspapers: Do you have any specific changes you want to make in school district policies, programs or the various school curricula being offered? If so, what changes do you want to make and why?

Trinidad: In the high school in particular, I think there should be a class or part of a class that basics of "running a household" are taught, i.e., balancing a check book, setting and keeping a budget, setting up and keeping to a savings plan. All these are not taught in any class and are essential once you get out on your own, whether you go to college, a trade school or not. In the elementary school, phonics should be brought back.

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