Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Donald Trump’s view of America is deplorable


Donald Trump’s disgusting (and revealing) self-acknowledged sexual remarks about women are well known.

But, as Jim Barber has suggested, let us ‘set that aside’. There is a much more insidious force to consider, which I call the Brietbart effect. Breitbart represents, as I have noted before, the worst elements of America on the internet; skinheads, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, and other ‘out of the woodwork’ groups.

Donald Trump fans the flames of their hate at his rallies by calling the media ‘scum’, the worst people on earth. His rallies feature vile language, tee-shirts and signs vilifying people with whom they disagree with words not fit for anyone’s ears or eyes.

A sign labeled ‘Media’ with a swastika scrawled on it was found at a media table at a recent rally. With Trump whining about a rigged election, a crooked media, mainstream GOPer’s after him, all kinds of conspiracies designed to bring him down, his supporters are threatening a revolution when he is defeated.

The Boston Globe has reported that some Trump supporters talk rebellion, assassination, and armed revolt at his rallies. Others vow to racially profile minority voters and intimidate them at polling places. Trump will be directly responsible for any violence as a result of his certain defeat in a few weeks.

It is not enough for Hillary Clinton to win, which she most certainly will. She must crush him to send a message that the great majority of US voters believe Trump is unfit to lead this Nation. Donald Trump’s view of America is not just wrong - it is deplorable.

Bob Burke


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