Thu, Jan. 23

Mingus Union Senior Spotlight: Deandra Mestas

Deandra Mestas
Photo by JT Keith.

Deandra Mestas

Deandra Mestas has always been a cheerleader starting from the age of 5. She can remember cheering at Little League games. She remembers going to the games to cheer for her brothers who were football players.

“I would cheer for my brothers at City League games during their games,” Mestas said. “I thought it was so cool, and I wanted to cheer them on while they played.”

Mestas got away from cheering for a while, but decided to come back to it her senior year.

Verde Independent: Why did you stop cheerleading for a while?

Mestas: I wanted to play basketball.

Verde Independent: Are you going to cheer the whole year?

Mestas: I think so, I think cheering is better for me. And I like it more.

Verde Independent: What makes the cheer squad so special?

Mestas: I like it more than basketball, and it is like a second family. I feel a lot more connected to the cheering team than basketball, and it is something I should stick with.

Verde Independent: Favorite subject?

Mestas: Math or Science- they are kind of tied.

Verde Independent: Are you planning on going to college?

Mestas: That is something I’m planning on doing, how I’m going to get there I’m not sure yet. I hope to get a scholarship, so we will see.

Verde Independent: What do you want to do in life?

Mestas: I would like to be an oncologist.

Verde Independent: Favorite memory from cheering?

Mestas: I think the Homecoming pep assembly. We nailed our routine and had a lot of fun. We felt great afterwards and hearing the entire school cheer for us was awesome.

Verde Independent: What did that do for you?

Mestas: It boosted my confidence a lot. It was my first big routine I did this year, so I was super nervous, and I kept thinking I got this and once we went out there and nailed it, and seeing how everyone enjoyed it, did a lot for me, and boosted my confidence even more. It made me a lot more excited for this year.

Verde Independent: Are you a natural dancer?

Mestas: It kind of depends. I have to work on some things. Other things come naturally to me.

Verde Independent: Are you a flyer or a base?

Mestas: I’m a base.

Verde Independent: Favorite dessert?

Mestas: Angel Food cake.

Verde Independent: How important do you think cheering is for the football team?

Mestas: My brother (Mardquez) plays for the football team, and he says, “He told us it was kind of nice hearing them cheer for the team, and it provides extra motivation.”

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