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State golf tournament foremost on mind of Mingus Union senior Keagan Lamb
Mingus Union High School Athlete of the Week

Photo by Vyto Starinskas.

Keagan Lamb is a senior golfer for the Mingus Union golf team. He got involved in golf by going along with his father and grandfather, Mike and Dan, as they played together. A model of consistency, he has finished second in every match this year. His goal and the team’s goal is to get to state this year.

“Well, he plays a lot of golf,” Coach Craig Mai said. “He’s got a really strong mental game, and he understands the game of golf and how to play it well. He has a great swing, and I’ve had a lot of coaches come up to me and compliment me on how nice his swing is. He’s a hockey player and that keeps him strong, and that complements his golf game really well.”

Verde Independent: What have you done to work on your game this season?

Lamb: I have worked on my short game. I practiced chipping inside 100 yards.

Verde Independent: What do you like about golf?

Lamb: Everything. I love being out here every day.

Verde Independent: How is this year different than last year?

Lamb: This year is different because it is more pressure. We are trying to go to state this year, and we’re a couple of points back. We’re trying to go as a team this season.

Verde Independent: Can you go to state on your own?

Lamb: Yeah, but I’m still a couple of shots behind.

Verde Independent: Do you have a pre match rituals?

Lamb: I listen to music. I like Nickleback. I like to hit some golf balls, but not too many to where I get worn out. I like to stay loose.

Verde Independent: How far can you hit it off the tee?

Lamb: A good shot 330 yards.

Verde Independent: Do you want to play golf in college next year?

Lamb: Yeah, that’s the goal. I’d like to go somewhere in Phoenix.

Verde Independent: What do you want to do for a career?

Lamb: I’d like to go into law enforcement.

Verde Independent: What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind for the under classmen?

Lamb: I would like for them to play with respect and not cheat on scores. It is just the worst thing you can do.

Verde Independent: How do you stay mentally sharp when you are playing bad?

Lamb: I try to get my mind out of golf, and I think about hockey. When the golf game goes down you have to think about other things.

Verde Independent: Favorite golf course that you have played at?

Lamb: Flagstaff.

Verde Independent: Favorite dessert?

Lamb: Fried ice cream.

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