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"There seems to be a strong feeling in this community just now that heroic measures must soon be adopted in this community for the suppression of murders."

"Murderers for the past few years have found it easy sailing to escape the just penalty of their crimes. The few who escape acquittal on their trial have succeeded in securing sympathizing friends enough to procure clemency for them, and after a few years in the penitentiary they have been pardoned or had their sentences commuted and have been turned adrift on society again."

"Encouraged by the failure of the law to mete out just punishment the red handed assassin has gone forth in the night with impunity, and during the past few months no less than six men have been wantonly murdered in this county. Two convicted murderers are now in the county jail awaiting the hearing of their case, on appeal, by the Supreme Court. Two others, charged with the same crime, are in the county jail awaiting trial. A fifth man is now being pursued by the officers. A sixth was killed by an officer near Jerome while trying to escape."

"Is it any wonder then that the patience of law abiding citizens is becoming heavily taxed to pay for the trial of the men who commit these crimes, and yet who are not punished? Would it be any wonder if the community should do, and other communities have done, take the question of punishment in their own hands and mete it out expeditiously and effectively? The JOURNAL-MINER has repeatedly called attention to the danger of this, though far be it from it to advocate such measures."

"Human nature is the same the world over and history repeats itself constantly the world over, and there is no denying the fact that murders are becoming too alarmingly frequent in this section."

(Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; October 30, 1895; page 2.)

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