Fri, Feb. 28

Letter: This Arizonan needs a new pair of shoes


Dear Senator McCain I compare you to a pair of beloved but worn pair of shoes. We were so proud to have you represent us here in Arizona. You were a war hero. We admired the fact that you often thought for yourself and considered what was good for our country and for our state and not just for the Republican Party.

Like a new pair of shoes, you were willing to step out and follow unique paths. Those shoes fit you and us very well. You developed a national reputation as a maverick which like those new shoes cradled the often maverick minded Arizonan. Those shoes took you on many exciting and new trails and expanded your thinking as you walked the floors of the Senate Office Building.

Sadly, like many things, those shoes have grown old and battered. They no longer have the strength nor the courage to respond to your presidential candidate who demeans you as a hero.

Those shoes can no longer find new paths to follow but slowly slip into the rut of reelection at all costs. Sadly, dear Senator, when you state that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, you will block any Supreme Court nominee she suggests, the result will be important cases unresolved, national problems not addressed, and a country crippled once again by inaction .

You no longer hear us. Our citizens are crying out for a working government, a compassionate government, a government which serves its people. Like an old pair of shoes, you no longer fit well; you feel uncomfortable on our feet; your moral compass has been lost.

Thank you for your many years of service, but we Arizonans need a new, vibrant, energetic, and courageous pair of shoes.

A.E. Andress


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