Sun, Jan. 26

Verde Valley News Roundup: Annexation Public Hearing

The Cottonwood City Council Tuesday held a public hearing regarding the possible annexation of portions of 13 residential properties that are currently partially within Yavapai County.

The city/county annexation brings forth the complications of sewer service, taxes, and emergency response. One property will become part of the city if annexed, while surrounding by properties will remain in the county.

Homeowner Wayne Peck who lives in the portion being addressed was present, asked the Council for answers after not being able to get clear answers in the past regarding his unique situation. Verde Valley Fire and Cottonwood Police both assured the homeowner that access to emergency response would not be comprised. All emergency crews in the area have an agreement.

Regarding the other issues, some suggested that his property be grandfathered in. The proposed annexation is meant to clear up the city/county boundary issues. The public hearing was required by law.   

Grant for Streetscape Extension

Economic Director Casey Rooney gave a presentation regarding the seven-phase Old Town Streetscape Extension project. Rooney approached Council asking for permission to apply for an Economic Development Administration grant that would help fund the project. Council approved the motion.

The grant would go toward phase four of the project that extends from Willard Street to 10th Street – encouraging business growth in the newly improved Old Town district. Each phase is designed to create jobs, and increase wealth and quality of life.

Rooney was given the green light to apply for a $2,430,000 from the EDA. If funded, the City’s contribution will be approximately 10 percent ($270,000). There will be further discussion about the grant and firm numbers about the City’s expected contribution in the future if the grant is funded.

Veterans History Day

Oct. 22 was proclaimed as “Veterans History Day,” Nov. 6 was proclaimed as “Mitzvah Day,” and Oct. 16-22 was proclaimed as “Arizona’s Cities and Towns Week.”

Mixed opinions on Thunder Valley Rally

The review of the 2016 Thunder Valley Rally event was the first item of new business that began with a thorough and informative PowerPoint presentation by Hezekiah Allen. Allen compared and contrasted statistics of this year’s rally against last year’s.

After the presentation, a heated debate ensued. Tempers flared among Old Town merchants, Council, and members of the public regarding the location of the event in on Main Street.

A letter signed by 42 merchants in favor of moving the rally prompted council to set up a special meeting that is to be located at the Parks and Recreation Center.

The date of the special meeting has yet to be determined.

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