Wed, July 17

Economic Development Committee under consideration for Village

Amadeus Larew

Amadeus Larew

Your Big Park Council meeting in October was a busy one. I encourage you to contact your homeowner’s association rep for details on all the great events coming up over the next two months.

Our lead off speaker was Barbara Litrell, who informed us of Mitzvah (“Good Deeds”) Day, which will mark its 10th anniversary of performing acts of kindness this Nov. 6th. Everyone is invited to participate in this community-wide spirit-led day of community service in Sedona and Verde Valley. Activities include repairs and assistance to those in our community who cannot help themselves. Contact Barbara at for more information.

The Council approved a resolution of support for Mitzvah Day. Joe Gorka will report to the Council from time to time as we try to keep the spirit of Mitzvah Day alive and well throughout the year.

Sue Dennis and the budget committee completed work on a balanced budget for 2017. The Council approved the budget as submitted. Sue will be leaving us after 2016 and I wish to take a moment and thank her for the fantastic job she has done.

Marc Fuller and Tom Graham will serve on the nominating committee for next year’s slate of officers to include treasurer, vice-president and president. We are fortunate to have Rebecca Miller returning as secretary.

Gary Johnson, of the Sedona Fire District, reminded us to check our smoke alarms for performance and fresh batteries.

The big news revolves around the idea of creating an Economic Development Committee (EDC). Jay Kriske, Marc Fuller, Joanne Kendrick, Rebecca Miller, and Omar Kenney will form the nucleus of a group that will generate a format on which the formation of an EDC can be considered.

These five individuals bring a wealth of experience from business, government, finance, and the world of common sense. I am excited to hear back from this group at our next Council meeting.For too many years we have sat idly by and allowed things to happen in the Village with only minimal reactive input.

There are a great number of items an EDC committee will need to consider, including legal feasibility, budgeting, open reporting, meetings, as well as budgeting and projects that can be funded.

A pro-active stance through a Big Park Council EDC will allow us as a community to direct our future in a more engaged and relevant fashion.

Presently, the discussion centers on a minimal hotel/motel bed tax under Title 48 of Arizona law. One of the primary questions is whether creating a special district can be done under current law and if so, what would such a special district look like?

The things we need in the Village cost money. And it appears the County doesn’t have the means to fund the things we need for a higher quality of life for business, residents and future generations.

I encourage Villagers to attend our next meeting set for November 10 as we continue to explore this idea. Your input is important and hope to see you there!